Transforming Legal Research, Part Two

As a non-practicing attorney, I know one absolute truth about the legal profession: it is an exercise in exhausative research, backed by analysis, precedent, scholarly articles and a serious investment in time. The Internet has transformed the manner by which attorneys find this information, or the speed with which they can readily and affordably download this material, but that convenience raises a new set of challenges. Specifically, online research depends on the quality of the Internet browser people use. For attorneys, that browser should be – no, it must be – a tool worthy of the best standards of safety, reliability, innovation and ease of use.

In writing about these requirements, I understand that Maxthon recognizes these facts, too. That is, other browsers may not view the legal market as important or influential, but serving this audience raises the bar (pun intended) for everyone. Remember: legal research often involves confidential data and the ability to review pages upon pages of text; the only way to access this data safely and read these documents comfortably is with a browser that accommodates the needs of lawyers throughout the world. In turn, the endorsements will follow — they have followed!

Maxthon is an excellent browser for this very reason: it gives attorneys – it gives all people – a smart way to get online, with convenience and customizable features. Those benefits speak to the success of Maxthon and its popularity among lawyers and their staff.






4 responses to “Transforming Legal Research, Part Two”

  1. KaneMitzi25 Avatar

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  2. myeconomy Avatar

    I had some problems with this browser one years ago, but the last version it’s ok and i prefer it to other most famous browsers

    1. maxthon Avatar

      Thank you so much for your appreciation!!! Do you mean version MX5? Which function do you like best?

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