Our Commitment to Do Not Track: Putting People First










One of the key principles that defines the success of Maxthon is a commitment to protecting our global community of users. Hence our pledge to implement Do Not Track on all of our newly released products, in less than two weeks. This announcement, which distinguishes us as a company dedicated to respecting the interests of people and their online privacy, is a standard we believe others should emulate. Why? Because individuals deserve the option to quickly – and easily – use Do Not Track, a right we offer to our users and the millions of fans who continue to lend their support to Maxthon.

With this decision in mind, we encourage users to share with us their thoughts about Maxthon and the ways we can continue to make browsing the web safe and fun.





3 responses to “Our Commitment to Do Not Track: Putting People First”

  1. Arjun Sethi Avatar
    Arjun Sethi

    This is something every maxthon fan was waiting for.
    But, here a question? why we are second one. First was Firefox.

  2. Moe Avatar

    how to find do not track through the settings?? or how to know if its working or not ?

  3. Adber Avatar

    the best web browser ever

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