Maxthon for Linux: Final Release (v1.1.0.1)

We are very excited to announce the first Maxthon official version for Linux is officially released, V1.0.0.1.


New features:
+ Brand new UI design.
+ Seamless Account log-in: Log-in with your Maxthon Account and seamlessly sync your Favorites, Quick Access, and Magic Fill from other Maxthon platforms.
+ Tab operations settings: Double-click / right-click on a tab to close a page.
+ Mouse Gestures: Execute common browser commands like ‘forward, back and reload’ by ‘drawing’ a gesture with your mouse.
+ Drag & Drop: Click and drag a link and then drop it to open a page as an inactive tab.
+ ‘Restore Last’ – button:  One click and your browser will restore and reload your last closed tab. 
+ Access your last session: Easy access to a page detailing your last browser session — to more easily return to your sites.
+ Update alert: Users will be reminded of all updates.

And thank you for your continued support!


* Downloads below for Users who would like to only get reminders of official releases 32-bit:

MD5: 4bedc8844d67019b1be4d08202211498

MD5: 1d4483d4429889b28753955d4a9d0a5a

MD5: e2910351d507b80f5abb1b026f4104f564-bit:

MD5: daadaee2bb8a2b7874f3ef54a8ef1a93

MD5: ca6e4f0b0685db9b24093b2c916d0f7f

MD5: f66988179aa1a4f37507c3d824e7790b


* Downloads below for Users who choose to get reminders of official&beta versions 32-bit:

MD5: 88203d78aa94fbdc181d678a73da3413

MD5: fac350185ce1b6c845a0c22e06b6e7ee

MD5: 697b834049a806adaa53896db781116564-bit:

MD5: e14f5f73fee953b7a0a5da3edb201bea

MD5: b8643358417f4b9b098bbee4770b349e

MD5: c5a802cc5fba5aebaee1c5f0a4fd6ff4






25 responses to “Maxthon for Linux: Final Release (v1.1.0.1)”

  1. richard zoon Avatar

    i always use this

  2. Dr Migdad Al Rawi Avatar
    Dr Migdad Al Rawi

    I have problem with Maxthon when I try to open new page in net work

  3. glen Avatar

    use maxthon on windows
    want to use it on Linux Mint 16 KDE
    trouble is i don’t know which of the six versions to install
    some guidance would be most helpful
    many thanks

    1. job alert Avatar

      nice.any bugs? or performance issues?

  4. […] Maxthon for Linux: Final Release (v1. 芦 Maxthon Blog […]

  5. Handsomestofall Avatar

    Great job !
    Happy days are here again 🙂

  6. jai Avatar

    thank q very much . i’m a linux user. maxthon makes my net browsing smooth and very interesting.

  7. khaled magdy Avatar

    because it smart and fast

  8. ibrahim Avatar

    Thanks for support Linux ! 😀

  9. diana Avatar

    mathorn is my favorate browser because its very fast and easy to easy

  10. ashraf Avatar

    good browser

  11. hy Avatar

    Great! Now I can use maxthon on all my plotforms!

  12. syed osman Avatar
    syed osman

    I am a maxton user from 3 years its the best browser when ever i format or bring new computer i firstly install maxton in it and i recommand my friends also to use maxton.
    Thanks soo much to maxton team for a comfortable browser.:) <3

  13. Arabi Hamza Yakubu Avatar
    Arabi Hamza Yakubu

    I have been using maxthon for the past three years. in short it will not be over exaggeration if I say it is the best browser I met ever.

  14. anudeep Avatar

    Some of my friends are using boss linux.Is this version works on boss linux?

  15. DAVE POLLEY Avatar

    you have the best browser so how about opening up an email sevice?no free bees

  16. Rob West Avatar
    Rob West

    Tried to install in Ubuntu with gdebi. I get this error on all .deb packages. Error: Dependency is not satisfiable: libgcrypt11 (>=1.4.5)

    1. Maxthon Avatar

      Hi Rob, I’m sorry to tell that as the post mentioned, we have stopped update and maintenance service for Linux browser…

      1. Maros Avatar

        May I ask why you stopped support for linux OS? 🙁

        1. Maxthon Avatar

          Hi Maros, I think it may be the result of resource trade-off and market share study…though I don’t hope it stops, too.

      2. TC Avatar

        I know this is old, but, if maxthon at least help with a download for the libgcrypt11 1.4.5, as a deb file, would help greatly, I know maxthon stopped update and maintenance, but, as a proud user on windows for maxthon, I want nothing more… I was so proud to have maxthon as a browser, now back on linux after many years, ( linux mint 19 )I would do anything to get it… I have downlouded one, but never installed an .sh file before, seemed simple.. tried, and now it doesnt want to work. all the other places i tried to download at that was a deb file, instead of tar.gz, where I could hopefully install the libgcrypt11 1.4.5, would make things easier… I will keep working on it, but it was the only one I found that had the 1.4.5 version. all i can find now is the 1.5.+. It really saddens me that Maxthon is no longer supporting the linux version. I know windows is a prominent OS in the world, but, Maxthon isnt a prominent browser for windows, edge is now… and chrome… Maxthon is up there, just not as prominent. It would make sense for Maxthon to continue with a linux version. I had seen more posts on this libgcrypt11, and people wanting to install Maxthon over chrome,,, thats a good thing. I dont know the reason why maxthon quit on linux, but doesnt look like people who install linux want to quit on maxthon. Its a great choice for a linux browser. even the repository doesnt have the 1.4.5 version which I find kind of weird, they usually have a place to keep even the old versions of lib files somewhere. I for one, would like to file a request with Maxthon, Please bring back the linux browser….

  17. Caroline Genesis Avatar
    Caroline Genesis

    Using it for more than a week loving it..The UI is really awesome..
    For more details about it click here icwa course in dubai

  18. shanuka Avatar


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