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San Francisco (Jan.12, 2011) – Maxthon International released a new version of its powerful 3.0 web browser today and with it comes “tear-off video.” “Tear-off video” makes it easy for users to drag a video window outside of the browser to any location on their desktop and keep watching.

“One of Maxthon’s most popular features is now available on its most powerful browser,” said Jeff Chen, CEO of Maxthon. “As our community of users spend more time watching video on the web we will continue to find new ways to make the experience better.”

When a Maxthon user rolls a cursor over a video, a small button labeled “Detach Video” appears in the upper-right of the video. The user can click the button and then drag a video to a new location including a second monitor, and continue working in other programs. The detached screen operates as if it were still attached to Maxthon. It can be sized, minimized, paused, and rewound. When the video window is closed, Maxthon reattaches it to the original Web page.

Said Chen, “Even a quick look at total internet bandwidth tells the story. Web TV usage is exploding. As our community of users spend more time watching video on the web we’ll be finding new ways to make the experience better.”

The Maxthon 3 browser is the first to have automatic dual display engines, which translate written code to text, photographs, shapes, and colors displayed on a monitor. Dual engines are used so Maxthon accurately will display a wider range of Web pages.

In addition to its ‘power under the hood’ Maxthon 3 offers free cloud services like syncing bookmarks and settings from desktop to desktop and even to Android smart phones.

Maxthon 3, and the new Maxthon Mobile for Android smartphones running Android, can be downloaded at

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