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In unofficial returns from’s Readers Choice awards, 80 percent of the voters in the Best “Small” Market Desktop Browser category chose Maxthon for Windows as the best browser.

Maxthon also received more votes than two browsers in the “Best Major Desktop Browser” category, in which Maxthon was not an official candidate. Microsoft Internet Explorer and Apple Safari both received so few votes in that category that each had less than 1 percent of the vote in their class.
“When you see popularity results like these, you hope that the press will stop treating Maxthon like some unheard of program, and include it with those ‘Major Desktop’ browsers, where Maxthon would be competing with its equals,” said Ron White, Maxthon advocate.
“We at Maxthon want to thank the thousands of people who voted for this great browser,” White added.
The apparent winner in the Major Browser class was Firefox, which rallied on Tuesday, the last day of voting, to overtake the lead held by Opera.
The other browsers in Maxthon’s category were RockMelt, Camino, Lunascape, and Flock.   In the major browser class the contenders were Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera.
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