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SAN FRANCISCO, June 21, 2011 — Maxthon (, a global software and web services company, announced today that Maxthon Mobile 2.1.2 now offers a variety of new features and upgrades for users of Android handsets. These additions include a wide selection of skins, accompanied by a three-dimensional floating effect which enables users to further personalize their Android smart phones, and a default zoom option that sizes open web pages for easy viewing.
“These new features and upgrades further distinguish Maxthon Mobile as the preferred browser for Android devices,” says Jeff Chen, CEO of Maxthon. “With this version of Maxthon Mobile 2.1.2, users will have yet another reason to make the switch to this acclaimed browser.”
This new version of Maxthon Mobile also:
  • Uses 40% less memory than other Android browsers.
  • Sports an improved, simpler-to-use homepage.
  • Remembers the last mode from which you viewed a website (WWW or WAP)
  • Saves links as favorites in History
“Maxthon Mobile 2.1.1 is yet another example of our commitment to regularly strengthening an already advanced product with worldwide appeal,” says Karl Mattson, GM of Maxthon International/Chief of Product Development. “These innovative features are an excellent way to enjoy the true power of an Android handset.”
Additional improvements include:
  • Easy syncing of favorites
  • An enhanced YouTube experience
  • Expanded, easier-to-use search options
About Maxthon
Headquartered in Beijing, Maxthon Ltd. is an innovative software company and developer of superior web browsers which continue to set new standards for simplicity, speed and security. Each month more than 130,000,000 people use Maxthon’s web browser in 120 countries across the world. Maxthon has also brings its best-of-breed browsing to the Android platform for mobile devices and tablet computers. For more information about Maxthon please visit
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