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SAN FRANCISCO, June 23, 2011 — Maxthon (, a global software and web services company, announced today the latest release of Maxthon 3 reinvents a classic browser feature – your browsing history – by adding calendar navigation and enhanced search. The Maxthon 3 History Calendar organizes browsing by specific dates so users may search through pages from any time with speed and complete ease of use. This new feature also makes it easy to delete items individually or by specific dates.

“This is another great innovation from our browser team,” says Jeff Chen, CEO of Maxthon. “They have reinvented browser history making it much more useful and easier to use. Whether we’re innovating or re-examining a classic feature with fresh eyes, we are always working to improve your web experience.”

This new version of Maxthon 3 also includes:

  • History Search: Instantly find sites or information by typing a letter, without repeating the same phrase when switching between different dates.
  • Last Session Restore: Click Last Session Restore in History to reopen the windows and tabs from a previous session.


“Maxthon continues to lead the way with improving — while simplifying – the way people experience the Internet,” says Karl Mattson, GM of Maxthon International/Chief of Product Development. “Maxthon 3’s smart history is a great example of how we routinely can look at a tired paradigm — like a browser history that is nothing but a flat, list of text links — with fresh eyes and greatly improve it.”


About Maxthon

Headquartered in Beijing, Maxthon Ltd. is an innovative software company and developer of superior web browsers which continue to set new standards for simplicity, speed and security. Each month more than 130,000,000 people use Maxthon’s web browser in 120 countries across the world. Maxthon has also brings its best-of-breed browsing to the Android platform for mobile devices and tablet computers. For more information about Maxthon please visit


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