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Curious to know the secret of effective mobile communication? Put aside notions about industrial design and clever marketing, though those things matter, and focus on the one issue that is essential: performance. Without effective performance – without the ability to successfully navigate the web without sacrificing precious memory or compromising speed – everything else, all the proverbial bells and whistles that win praise from critics and consumers, is irrelevant. Why? Because a cell phone, even the most beautifully manufactured smart phone, is nothing more than a product without promise.

Maxthon Mobile changes this situation by transforming Android phones into powerful tools for information, entertainment, sharing stories, contacting friends and handling the daily responsibilities of work and fun. And no, this message is not an attempt to excessively cheerlead; but it is an effort to educate people about the easiest way they can immediately improve accessing the Internet through a mobile device — for FREE!

The bottom line is simple: the next big thing – think a heavily promoted product, replete with tons of buzz and a media accolades – is just a piece of plastic, with a shiny metal bezel, unless it has a great browser. Maxthon Mobile is the latter, the result of countless testing (and more testing) and feedback from users worldwide.