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One of the joys of summer travel is the opportunity to experience the fun of a road trip. This classic American ritual is a way to enjoy the freedom of driving to an unknown destination. The roadside attractions, the iconic landmarks, the comfort food, the cultural folkways, the people — all of these things define the excitement of driving a car across the United States, or through the South or alongside the meandering arteries of the Midwest or across the Rockies or into the Pacific Northwest. Memorializing this journey is easier than ever, with millions of people using their cell phones (and their cell phone cameras) to capture the essence of this vacation: snapshots of breathtaking beauty as well as everyday images of life in small towns and big cities. But the success of this trip – rather, the ability to easily access information about these places while on the go – depends on surfing the web without any problems. More to the point, the best way to start this drive is with the right mobile browser.

As a fan of Maxthon Mobile, I know that I have a reliable – and innovative – browser that matches my lifestyle. Which is to say, I can quickly download content about points of interest I want to see. My cell phone is sleek, but all that industrial design is worthless without a quality browser. Now I have both: a phone I enjoy, complemented by a browser I need. A perfect combination. Standby for reports from this Great American Road Trip.