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The great transformations within technology are social phenomena; they transcend business cycles or profit margins, and alter the way people behave. Tablets are the perfect example of this point: they have changed – and continue to change – everything from news to gaming to education to communication itself. While many industries look to tablets to save publishing or upend established companies, the bigger event is already here — tablets are everywhere! This result is a notable achievement, as it proves that excellent products are often the result of dedication, even singleminded passion, not focus groups or market studies. With the rise of tablets, we also know that there is a market – quite a big one – for sleekly designed, lightweight electronic accessories that allow people to surf the web, read books, watch movies, send files and further empower users worldwide. Which brings me to accessing the Internet.

A tablet is only as good as the tools it contains, starting with the software necessary to get online with great speed and ease. Hence the rise of Maxthon Mobile. Again, without sounding too self-promotional let me remind people that Maxthon Mobile makes an Android tablet a joy to behold. I write these words from experience, with the full knowledge that tablets are both fun and incredibly useful. Let the tablet revolution continue!