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What’s cool about Maxthon 3?

Maxthon 3 is pretty hot under the hood: all about power, speed and flexibility. Instead of having to rely on only one rendering engine we’re using the two – Trident and Webkit. In Maxthon 3 we tie the two engines together with smart switching technology to identify which engine (Trident or WebKit) a website is optimized for and use it. That means no more having to switch browsers when you get to a site that’s either ‘Optimized for IE.’ (Or any other browser.)

Another cool thing under the hood of Maxthon 3 is our javascript engine. We switched to Maxthon-modified version of Google’s open source V8 engine. This is state of the art – the fastest and most efficient way to process javascript. That means better performance for you.

Automatic-switching, dual engines? Is this some kind of a car?

Nope, it’s a browser. Conceptually, this is a simple solution to a problem faced by all users. The reason for the two engines is that some web pages (especially older) are designed to be displayed using Trident. But most newer web pages look and work best with WebKit. Maxthon3 automatically detects which type of page it’s loading and uses the appropriate engine. Some folks have tried to scale this mountain in the past by adding another engine through a browser plug-in. That experience, to be polite, left much to be desired…

Isn’t Maxthon 3 just a shell for Internet Explorer?

Hardly. Maxthon 3 is like IE in the same way a Ferrari using Bridgestone tires is like a Yugo using Bridgestone tires. Seriously though, Maxthon 3 is only similar to IE in that it uses the Trident rendering engine, as do other browsers. All told, Trident makes up only about 30 percent of the code. Maxthon 3, also uses a second rendering engine, Webkit, the same one used by Chrome and Safari, The two engines make Maxthon 3 the first automatic-switching dual engine browser.

How Does Maxthon 3 Compare to the Other Guys?

Make no mistake, Maxthon 3 is one of the best (we think THE best) browsers available today. We’re confident we stand shoulder to shoulder, in many cases exceed, Firefox, IE, Opera, Chrome and Safari. One case in point: the Acid3 test. Acid3 is a web standards test page from the Web Standards Project that checks how well a web browser follows certain selected elements from web standards, especially relating to the Document Object Model (DOM) and JavaScript. Top score is a 100 out of a 100. Guess what Maxthon gets? A fast and zippy 100. Right next to Google and Apple Safari. Guess what IE 8 gets? 20. Firefox slowly huffs and chugs itself to 94. If you want speed, you gotta’ go with Maxthon 3.

Why Are You Releasing a Third Version of Maxthon?

We’ve always been impressed with WebKit and V8, they’re the best in their respective functions. Also, Maxthon community feedback has made it clear that most users find it annoying to have to switch browsers to use a website optimized to older standards. Hence the dual engine architecture.

Will you still support earlier versions?

Yes, we’ll continue to support and improve Maxthon1 and Maxthon2. The best place to look for help on both of those browsers is the Maxthon Forum.

What will I need to run Maxthon3?

A PC running any version of Windows from XP through Windows 7. No Linux or MacOS yet. Sorry.

Are there any limits on the number of tabs or favorites?

No limits on the number of tab or favorites stored on your PC. Online favorites theoretically have a file limit, but no one has reached it yet.

First time I ran Maxthon, I saw 10 thumbnails of popular websites and some language asking me to “Add website.” What’s that about?

We call that ‘Quick Access.’ It’s one way to easily access your most-used sites. Feel free to drag and drop your own favorites in there for a speedy access. When you launch Maxthon, the pages automatically load the images for those pages so you can immediately tell if something’s happening.

Is Maxthon 3 making anything easier with Search?

Yep. comes with Google, Bing, and Yahoo search engines already loaded. Use one or all three at the same time with ‘Multi-Search.’ (Go to ‘Menu-Options-Search to set up.)

Can I save my Favorites to export somewhere else or restore to a new computer?

You can export them to a file, or you can upload them to Maxthon’s own secure servers. From there you can download them if you’re traveling, using a different computer, or need to restore a lost set of Favorites.

Does Maxthon 3 support different skins?

If you can work with a Web page, you can create a Maxthon3 skin. They both use the same coding for colors, text, and graphics. If you can’t work in a Web page, just wait. Someone will post a skin on Maxthon’s site that you’ll want.

How good is Maxthon3 at downloading files?

Maxthon’s Downloader is widely acknowledged as the fastest downloader on the web. It’s also great at organizing downloads.

Can Maxthon 3 hide my identity or Internet activity?

Both. A proxy service maps you through a maze of Internet servers until your true origin is all but impossible to trace. And Maxthon3 can erase any record of your Internet travels stored on your PC.

Do we still get the Ad Hunter?

Of course! Use it to block all those pop-ups and other irritants. We’re trying some new concepts this time around, be sure to let us know what works.

Does it have Maxthon2’s navigation by Mouse Gestures?

You bet. It has a new name: ‘Surf By Mouse.’ We thought that was a bit more descriptive. We’ll see if it sticks. It wouldn’t be Maxthon without the ability to move your mouse so you can scroll, move from tab to tab, and move forward and back.

And how about automatic form filling? That too?

That too. Hide your usernames and passwords in Maxthon3’s Magic Fill and Magic Fill will use that information to fill in forms automatically.

Can Maxthon 3 help me when I accidentally close a tab?

Can you click the Undo button? Then your tab comes back with all its history intact.

Is there anything from Maxthon 2 that we don’t get?

Yes. There are some features, such as the collector, aliases, and split screens that aren’t in Maxthon3—yet. This release is completely focused on the underlying browsing technology – to make it faster and more convenient. Having now launched, we’re evaluating which features we want to port to MX 3 as-is, improve and which to sunset. We want to hear from you.

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How much does Maxthon3 cost?

Nothing. Nada. Zilch. Zero. Zed.

Where can I download Maxthon3?

You can download Maxthon anyplace that offers safe, dependable software. To ensure you get the latest version, we suggest you use Maxthon’s own download page,