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Back to school is an annual ritual, something students and parents – and teachers – await with a combination of excitement, fun, curiosity and anxiety. Concerning the latter, the nervousness that accompanies going to a new school or making the transition from high school to college, this feeling – the simultaneous joy and caution that comes with a return to the classroom – is a natural reaction to change. Compound that change with the rapid developments in computing and the Internet in general — and back to school is a major event. In fact, the contrast between today’s student’s and those from just a few years ago, as it relates to accessing the web, is something to behold: far from being a distraction or a prohibited environment, the Internet is the ultimate repository of information, breaking news, scientific data, academic opinion, published material and global conversation. For students and teachers, harnessing this resource (or making effective use of specific sites) is a priority. Which brings us back to the one way we all get online: with an effective browser.

Maxthon understands this necessity – the importance of accessing the web with speed, security and convenience – and we consider this group, the students and teachers who are the lifeblood of change, worthy of the utmost respect. Rather than treat the academia as an afterthought, or as means to simply generate sales without consideration to the specific needs of students and staff, we believe educators deserve a browser that is both intuitive and efficient. Think, for a moment, of the many ways the right browser can help these people: from research to note taking to saving relevant pages to easily retrieving this data, Maxthon delivers results.

With so many students bringing their laptops or tablets or other mobile devices to class, and then using these tools to write papers or cite online sources, there can be no sacrifice in quality or reliability; there must be a smart way to bring the benefits of the Internet to these individuals. Maxthon does just that — it creates a superior browsing experience.

Thus we conclude our first class of the new school year. The grade: A+.