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Having written about the rise of tablet computing, it is worth revisiting this subject for a number of reasons. First, tablets are not some fad, a soon-to-die phenomenon where consumers will quickly embrace (and then abandon) yet another piece of hardware. Secondly, tablets continue to rapidly transform everything from media to gaming to casual surfing of the web. And thirdly, tablets elevate the necessity of having the right Internet browser.

This point is a crucial one because, without a fast, reliable and secure means of getting online, a tablet is nothing more than an attractive piece of hardware. The equipment itself may win praise from critics; but unless there is innovative software and other relevant features, the hardware is simply a shiny object, a prop from some neglected science fiction story about “the future,” which will never materialize the way we hope or imagine. And yet, the tablet is a reality because there is excellent software for people to use.

Maxthon Mobile is one such example of the software responsible for successfully accessng the web. For example: we understand – no, we celebrate – this revolution in computing, the rise of tablets and the proliferation of new sources of information, since these changes complement the very purpose of the Internet. In other words, a great tablet deserves a great browser. Hence the rise of Maxthon Mobile, the most effective and convenience way to get online.