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San Francisco, CA, March 16, 2012 – Maxthon, a global software and web services company, announces its flagship product – the Maxthon 3 web browser – offers better, more wide-ranging support for HTML5 than any other web browser. The test, as measured by the industry standards available on, awards 378 points for Maxthon 3 and 15 bonus points. These results exceed the 374 points for Google Chrome, which currently has the first place designation from The results put Maxthon ahead of other competitors, including Microsoft IE, Firefox and Safari. Users can download the latest version of Maxthon 3 here.
“We are pleased to see our focus on HTML5 borne out by “Maxthon 3 is the best browser for HTML5-rich experiences,” says Jeff Chen, CEO of Maxthon. “These independent findings from, which people can verify for themselves by accessing the site with the latest version of Maxthon 3, confirm we have the best browser for now and the future of HTML5. We are leading the way in HTML5 performance, backed by our proprietary GPU hardware acceleration technology and other standards that make the whole web run faster.”

Maxthon 3 bested its competition in other comparisons, as determined by separate outside tests:

HTML Parsing – Maxthon 3’s custom WebKit enhancements generated bonus points in a critical area of browsing speed: parsing HTML for lightning fast rendering.
Canvassing – A perfect score for the ‘canvas’ element, 2D context and text.
Audio – Maxthon 3 scored perfect marks for audio support of all codes, even garnering 5 additional bonus points for coded support above and beyond the current HTML5 standard.
Web Applications – Maxthon 3 scored just below perfect marks with top of the line application caching and custom scheme and search handlers.
Web GL – Maxthon 3scored perfect marks in one of HTML5’s most critical standards – Web GL. Through this gateway, web browsers will have rich 3D graphic experiences in games, content and web applications.

“In 2011 we set a goal to create the best HTML5-optimized browser,” says Karl Mattson, GM of Maxthon International/Chief of Product Development. “These test results show we’re at the forefront of HTML5 and we’re committed to staying there. Take it for a spin yourself.”

About Maxthon
Headquartered in Beijing, Maxthon Ltd. is an innovative software company and developer of superior web browsers which continue to set new standards for simplicity, speed and security. Each month more than 130,000,000 people use Maxthon’s web browser in 120 countries across the world. Maxthon also brings its best-of-breed browsing to the Android platform for mobile devices and tablet computers. For more information about Maxthon please visit

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