Maxthon 3’s Shortcut Keys: Speed and Convenience

One of the hallmarks of Maxthon 3 is its ease-of-use, award-winning features and awesome speed. Yes, I said awesome. Now we have new update: more cool and original shortcut keys. So download Maxthon 3 here, and enjoy these fun additions which include:

  • Press F1 for quick access to Maxthon’s Forum for targeted answers to a variety of browser-related topics.
  • Press Ctrl + F1/F2 to edit your favorite screenshots.
  • Press F11 to easily look at pictures and videos.
  • Press Ctrl + P to use the print menu.

Now you can browse the web with even greater convenience and peace of mind. Enjoy!







One response to “Maxthon 3’s Shortcut Keys: Speed and Convenience”

  1. ifeanyi ugwu Avatar
    ifeanyi ugwu

    i try to use enter key when printing to okay the printer with Maxthon but is not working unless i click on ok printer

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