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SAN FRANCISCO, April 1, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Maxthon, a global and cross-platform web browser, announced today that it won three first-place awards in the 2013 Readers’ Choice Awards for “Best Small Market Desktop Browser,” “Best Android Browser” and “Best iPad Browser.”

For the third year in a row, Maxthon Cloud Browser took home the “Best Small Market Desktop Browser” award, this year with 63 percent of the vote. The two other wins were in categories only recently created and both of which Maxthon dominated: an impressive 67 percent of voters agreed Maxthon is the “Best Android Browser” and a whopping 78 percent of voters said it was the “Best iPad Browser.”

“Winning an award like this reveals two things,” said Karl Mattson, VP of Maxthon’s International efforts. “One, they demonstrate that users want more out of their browser. They’re not settling for what has worked in the past but what works now and will work for them the future – and Maxthon does that beautifully. And when they get what they want, they’re not shy about taking the extra effort to tell others what they’ve found. And two, the win is yet another sign of the explosive growth we’re having in markets all around the world.”

As consumers continue to adopt a mobile and cloud-based lifestyle, Maxthon’s recognition on the Android and iPad platforms are telling of its forward-looking approach, expertise and popularity in creating a browser that meets the needs of users. Users most frequently cite Maxthon’s speed, its free cloud services and industry-leading support of ever-evolving HTML5 standards. You can view a full list of Maxthon’s offerings on

The reader-driven awards program began on the site’s technology channel in 2008 and has expanded to highlight the best products, features and services across a wide variety of topics. Across the web, in peer reviews, fan blogs and in comparisons with other web browsers Maxthon consistently generates praise from users around the world.

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About Maxthon

Maxthon is an innovative software company that develops superior web browsers that continue to set new standards for speed, security, simplicity and cloud features. It is available on the Windows, Android, iOS and Mac platforms. With offices in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong, Maxthon reaches a global community of users that tops more than 120,000,000 people each month in more than 150 countries. For more information about Maxthon please visit

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