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News last week brought light upon the NSA and the US Government’s surveillance strategies and information they had gathered from various internet and phone companies. The depth and breadth of the information accessed by the US Government – and the number of US citizens involved –  is shocking.  It underscores just how much of our daily lives are mediated through the web.

Make your voice heard! Tell the government to stop from “watching” users’ activity and disclose details about the NSA’s spying programs.

Go to and sign the petition.

This is generating a broader conversation in the USA that we here at Maxthon think is long overdue.

– Who has access to your personal data and what do they have? What can they do with it?

– What steps are they taking to protect it?

– What role does the cloud play all of this?

– What steps can you take to protect your privacy?

So, in the coming days and weeks we’re going to be taking a look at the questions above with the goal of providing you—our  customer—a clear, plain-spoken understanding of what you need to know to live a private, secure life in a multi-device world powered by the cloud.   This is a conversation with a large signal to noise ratio. It’s too much to dispense with in one blog post.  But it’s an important conversation to have.

We want to do this for one simple reason. At Maxthon, we believe in a free web, providing the user an experience to freely and securely use internet across all devices.

Privacy and personal security is a huge part of Maxthon’s DNA:  past, present and future. We make great web browsers and the web browser is the doorway through which the entire web enters and exits your life. It has to be secure. It has to offer you the privacy you need. We are also huge proponents of using the Cloud to simplify your life.  It also has to be secure and offer you the privacy you need.

Next time:  Who has access to your personal data and what do they have? What can they do with it?

Thanks and don’t forget to sign the petition at


Karl Mattson

Vice President, GM