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Today, Maxthon, a global software company that develops state-of-the-art web browsers, today announced the beta release of its latest Windows PC web browser, with superior speed input that renders web pages and manages downloads faster than any other browser in the world. Maxthon’s updated browser uses a branched version of the Blink rendering engine coupled with Maxthon’s own speed and performance enhancements, resulting in an improvement on the world’s fastest browser that is 10% faster than Chrome 30.

“Our challenge to our team was to build a browser that is faster and lighter than Chrome,” said Jeff Chen, CEO and founder of Maxthon. “I’m pleased to say that our team rose to the challenge and exceeded expectations. The new architecture nets 40% faster start times than previous iterations and test results comparing the new Maxthon against Chrome 30 show that Maxthon is 10% faster. Plus, our proprietary approach to 3rd party cookie handling is a boon for anyone who wants the personalization benefit of the cookie without allowing ad networks to track their usage. ”

In addition to improved speed for both page loads and downloads, the latest version also offers:

  • The world’s broadest and deepest support of HTML5 standard
  • Support for WebGL & GPU accelerator for enhanced graphics and image processing
  • Reduced memory footprint and CPU usage
  • Proprietary, multi-threaded downloads boosting speeds that are 5x faster than Maxthon’s current, already-fast download features
  • Ability to automatically import the guest account data when registering a new account
  • Lowest RAM usage of any PC browser
  • Best third party cookie policy in the world to protect users’ privacy

“We re-architected our approach to downloading files to make it even faster,” says Karl Mattson, VP of Maxthon’s International Division. “Combined with our C4 Cloud engine, users get seamless web browsing from device to device with the fastest upload and download speeds out there. With faster startup speeds, a new blink core, better HTML5 support and the best third party cookie policy there is, the newest version of our Windows Browser is sure to shake up the playing field.”

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