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Hello Maxthon friends,

Today, Maxthon launches its V4.4.0.1200 Beta for Windows. This release is mainly for bug fixes as well as enhancing the core stabilities.
Please check out the change log below.


Installer version:
MD5: 50cef6596cb9b5a75cd8e4e40ada970f
Portable version:
MD5: 6159893fa5f7c3ea27c8a3c0899db3ce

Change log [2014-04-1]
Fixed bugs:
[Main Frame]
* UI display anomaly in certain caese
* Fail to choose key words in the search box drop-down list with keyboard down arrow


Please note: This release is a trial version instead of a final release. Thus, it may have bugs or other potential problems.

If you experience any issues, please drop us a line on our forum by clicking here.