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Maxthon for Linux V1.0.3.0 Beta is available for you to try out.

There two special features in this Beta:

1. If Chrome is also installed, you can see a Flash icon at the extension bar (top-right corner).
Click the icon, and then you could select the Flash plugin.
You could try to fix the Flash issues by switching to another plugin.

2. For coders on Linux, the new feature “quick-search” will probably help you.
If you want to search for a function while coding in an editor, you could select the text´╝î
then press either ctrl+shift+a to switch to Maxthon to get the searching result,
or ctrl+shift+x to open a small window to show the searching result above your editor.

Furthermore, as you might expect, you could edit the hotkeys and the searching engine list on settings page.
And we would love to hear your opinion on this two features for making the final version even better.

Please note: This release is a trial version instead of a final release. Thus, it may have bugs or other potential problems.


Downloads for 32-bit:
MD5: 13e8cc3103b5764226337f148f8249da
MD5: 30ae2beb5639fdaae4ecc25a00b782c0
MD5: 8bc7983a6dc75d21dc0bda8a1d9591b2


Downloads for 64-bit:
MD5: 75e63305607fd662e6af311206f5909d
MD5: 5c74e40fdc5b2bb09128607b1094d15c
MD5: ae46bd64ec2d3a6b2bfd302c724ade22

To better and more efficiently solve the problems you meet during the usage, for any suggestions or bug reports, we do hope you may go to ‘Product Support‘ area and report/describe by a new seperate thread for each problem/topic. We will read each thread and update the follow-up status then. Meanwhile, some problems are probably be left out if they are stated in other thread. Thanks very much for your cooperation! – See more at: