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New version of Maxthon focuses on video performance

Are you looking to try out a new browser? The latest release of Maxthon comes with a few tricks up its sleeve, including the ability to fast forward through any part of any video, even advertisements that you might be forced to watch. Maxthon makes this possible through what it calls Ad Skipper technology, which uses a combination of smart pre-fetching and a new approach to managing the browser runtime environment.

“The growth of video streaming sites that are easily accessible on desktop and mobile is fueling the current wave of internet usage. Maxthon is focused on delivering superior features that address the changing habits of our users to ultimately enhance their online experience. Ad Skipper for Maxthon PC is our latest contribution to that effort,” said Jeff Chen, founder and CEO of Maxthon.

The new version of Maxthon is also supposed to do a better job with CPU and RAM management, especially compared to other browsers when watching video. It offers broad video codec support — H.264, VP8, OggTheora, and WebM — has a sharing option, and a boss key option in case Bill Lumbergh happens to wander by.

If you want to give Maxthon a spin, you can download it here.