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Pop-up ads can be annoying, we understand. We’ve given you a tool to combat annoying website advertisements: Maxthon’s Ad Hunter.


With simple, automatic pop-up blocking and manual blocking of some or all of the advertising spots on a page, you can decide what stays and what goes by customizing your individual rules using Maxthon Web Browser’s Passport services.


Follow these steps!


Step 1: Click on the Ad Hunter icon on the bottom, right hand corner of the web browser, or go to Settings and select ‘Ad Hunter’.


Step 2: From there, you can edit your Ad Hunter rules by clicking ‘Edit blocking rules’.


Step 3: Or you can view your Ad Hunter log (where all pop ups you’ve blocked will be listed) by clicking ‘View Ad Hunter log’.


Step 4: You may also Enable, Block, or Unblock ads from various websites.


Step 5: Enjoy an Internet that goes by your rules, not by pop-up ads!


Want more information? Click here to watch our video tutorial!



The Maxthon Team