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Thank you for your continuous support and feedback as we continue to build and shape Nitro. In the spirit of creating the lightest and fastest web browser, we’re slimming down the name. MxNitro will forever more now be known as Nitro.

The web browser is getting better and better! We’ve fixed crashes and several bugs in the latest version of Nitro without compromising the speed. Please download and let us know what you think of v1.0.0.700

To give the new version of Nitro web browser a shot, click the button below.

Click Here to Download Nitro

To open Nitro Web Browser, simply click the button above. Please note, this version is only available for PC users. For the portable version, please click here.

Don’t forget, we need your feedback to continue improvements and create a web browser for users just like you.

Click Here to Give Us Feedback

Any questions? Email us at and thanks again for helping us make the best web browsers possible.

The Maxthon Team