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Hello Maxthons, It’s been a while. Today we are excited to publish the Mx Beta version. In this beta, you’ll find that some problems, such as ” blocked urls are not displayed in ABP”,”Canvas parts do not display SVG” have been addressed. Some functionalities have been improved and new feature has been added as well. Please serve yourselves and let us know hot it tastes Thanks for your continuous support!


Install Version:
MD5: 4cdb56c20dc29ace66d7806c306e4b1e
Portable Version:

Changelog for [2015-04-02]

-Popup block does not display blocked urls
-Memory leak after after taking several sreenshot
-In some case canvas parts do not display SVG

New features:
+View ads filtering rankings

*Improved cloud push contacts aquiring
*Homepage setting security
*Error occured when you click cancel in font customize

Please note: This release is a trial version instead of a final release. Thus, it may have bugs or other potential problems. To better and more efficiently solve the problems you meet during the usage, for any suggestions or bug reports, we do hope you may go to ‘Product Support’ area in our forum or comments section below and report/describe by a new separate thread for each problem/topic. We will read each thread and update the follow-up status then. Meanwhile, some problems are probably be left out if they are stated in other thread. Thanks very much for your cooperation!