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Hi everyone, 

Today we are super happy to present  you  Mx version. In this official version we fixed several bugs and optimizations such as problem with display of blocked urls in ABP window and multi-search setting problem.. Please try out this version and feel free to let us know how you feel about it. Thank you all for your continuous support! We couldn’t have made it this far without it!


Install Version:
MD5: bb7aa46eab30296a155bafebc25f7e41
Portable Version:

Changelog for[2015-04-21]

Main Frame
-Optimezed malicious websites shielding
-Optimized Update Notification
-Fixed Multi-search setting compatibility problem
-Fixed one RSS leak

*Fixed one flash filtering problem
*Fixed canvas can’t display SVG
*Fixed Popup block does not display blocked urls correctly
*Fixed Error after taking repeatedly screenshots

Changelog for [2015-04-02]

-Popup block does not display blocked urls correctly
-Memory leak after after taking several sreenshot
-In some case canvas parts do not display SVG

New features:
+View ads filtering rankings

*Improved cloud push contacts aquiring
*Homepage setting security
*Error occured when you click cancel in font customize