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Hello Maxthons,

Today, we have Maxthon official version  available for you to try out.

Notice:Since Maxthon 3 Maintenance has stopped ,we will conduct a background update to the latest version for all users.

This version main bug fixes and features optimization are listed in the changelog below.

Please test it and let us know what you think about it.

Thanks for your continuous support!


Install version…x4.4.5.3000.exe

 MD5 8b929a07f41cd90dceabc6b2923cff90 (dated 2015-06-04)

Portable version
MD5:c05aaf6dfb2f7e52345ace08921e1163  (dated 2015-06-04)


Changelog for [2015-06-04]
  • Fixes:
  • The pre-open function in address bar  was disabled by default
  • Crash when printing RSS leak
  • The following languages have been updated:
  • ar-bh, ar-ye, bn-in, ca-es, he-il, hi-in, id-id, ml-in, mn-mn sr-cs, th-th
  • ar-sa bg-bg da-dk de-de es-es es-mx es-pe eu-es fa-ir fi-fi fr-fr hu-hu id-id it-it ka-ge ko-kr lt-lt nb-no nl-nl pt-pt ro-ro ru-ru sk-sk sl-si sv-se  tr-tr uk-ua vi-vn zh-hk zh-tw
Changelog for [2015-05-21]


  • Conflicts between opening a new tab and searching alias in preview settings
  • Opening a new tab will cause the content disappearing typed in address bar
  • The search result will not reload after pre-open
  • Preload setting status error
  • Updated the  Search extension

Changelog for [2015-05-14]


  • Optimized the print effect, solved the fuzzy problem
  • Error occurred when you open Settings from address bar drop down menu
  • Provided Address bar Preview for multiple search
  • Display problem in address bar in certain conditions
  • Display problem in address bar in certain conditions
  • In some conditions address bar input would pre-open an Error Page
  • In some conditions address bar input  pre-open would cause adblock error
  • Address bar input  pre-open would cause drop-down options error
  • Fixed Address bar input pre-open focus problem
  • Safe site details check would display error
  • RSS resolve leak
  • Fixed Fill form data sorting issue

Changelog for [2015-04-28]


  • Address bar pre-opening when typing in
  • Baidu search supports HTTPS
  • ActiveX automatically switch to Retro mode.

 Happy browsing!