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Hello Maxthons,

Today, we have Maxthon official version  available for you to try out.

This version main bug fixes and features optimization are listed in the changelog below.

Please test it and let us know what you think about it.

Thanks for your continuous support!


Install version

MD5: 1bbbae302cc90e6a63f89f5fcdaa5ae9 (dated 2015-06-26)
Portable version
MD5: 0952f93b62d61ff4b8cfeb3cb0b8e5e9  (dated 2015-06-26)

Changelog for [2015-06-26]

Only do search when typing in addressbar
Unable to presearch chinese content in certain circumstances
Not displaying safe link icon in presearch
Presearch previous content in multiple search after editing (backsape, enter) it in address bar
Improved data backup
Optimized magic fill precision in Routers and other intranets
Fixed a leak issue of magic fill in
Upgraded magic fill to fit in more websites
Happy browsing!