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Hello Maxers,

Today, we bring you official version V4.9.2.1000 to let you have a try.

The key changes and bug fixes have been listed in the changelog below.

Any comments or feedback will be highly appreciated!

Thanks for your continuous support!


Key Changes


+ Add


+ Add font setting support

+ Add search bar support

+ Add third-party download support

+ Add solid skin

+ Add save as .mht support

+ Add global mute support

+ Upgrade flash plug-in

+ Optimize start-up time


– Bug fixed:


Cannot obtain location information.

Some known crashes.

Cancel operation and draw, and then use snap region tool, the screenshot will move with cursor.

In Resource sniffer, order by the size of files, then something disappear in default resource sniffer window.

In Proxy, display of proxy icon in the right of address bar is different with the setting in proxy setting page.

Cannot organize white and black list in custom proxy of HTTP and others.

After cancel mute mode, go to “setting” – “tool’ – the mute status still highlight.

In SkyNote, keep opening font window, meanwhile, browser will crash or black screen.

In FTP login page, right click menu of input box display error.

The time of judging is unsuitable.

SkyNote cannot remember color change.

Some websites cannot display HTTPS certificate.

In Language, Cannot change to Portuguese.

In some language, cannot display printing page’s preview.

Sometimes, favorite status is error.

Enter Reader mode, sliding cursor will cause automatic pages turning.

No title in Reader mode.

Repeated fill form recording in FTP.

After tab mute, change skin, and then the mute icon will disappear.

New a tab in full screen model, only double operation can exit full screen mode.

In win7/win10 system, there is a extra sidebar in video full screen.

Possibly saving encrypted password lead to cannot log in website.

Change the shortcut key of “Find in page”, Ctrl+F cannot work in compatible mode.

Not support copy pictures to desktop or folders.

Open a tweet in Twitter and then close it, its title will display error.

At the first time of log in Maxthon account in browser and then close it, browser will crash.

In Extensions, downloading extensions cannot be canceled.

Mouse gesture cannot setup boss key.

After icloud enabled magic fill, the sign in button is grey and cannot work.

Switch to solid skin, some icons error.

In the search box, preview search result will hide the input box.

When download files online, all symbols of “%” in download address and filenames cannot be translated.

After accessed a melicious URLs, all of safe address will display warning.

When “Mute” status was cancelled in status bar, menu – tool –mute status is still existing.

After Ctrl+Left Click to save picture, move cursor, the picture will move with cursor.

New window, the multiple search page will be reloaded as well as page display error.

Files cannot set Maxthon browser as their default open program.

In Full screen, switch tabs error.

Incomplete display of resource sniffer

Not support mx://gpu/

Hide sidebar and open two windows at the same time, then show sidebar again. There will be an extra invalid button in sidebar of present window.

In the present active webpage, enter an URL in address bar to open a website. Then back to previous webpage, tab name display error.

When browser is not in full screen mode, new multiple windows will be created at the same place.

Browser extension should support English display.

Under high DPI, when window was set at minimal size, display error.

Only change the view of one page and then all of opening pages will be displayed in the view as same as the changed page.

Already enabled the ADBlock, but the ABP icon is still displayed in Disabled status.

No longer display pop-up video notification.

Right click address bar and select “Paste and go” is invalid.

Added .win domain name support.

Some websites notice that not support this browser.

Click any link from a saved page,the five-point star will show yellow.

The multisearch panel doesn’t disappear in some cases.

Delete userdata will cause the process “Mxcrashreport” won’t close.

Shut down magic fill and refresh the page, the magic fill will disappear.

The sock5 proxy doesn’t support account verification.

Mouse gesture fail.

Some drop-downs and sliders disappear.

Cannot add favorites.

When tab is in compatible mode, cannot delete information in some extensions of sidebar.

In old version with custom skin, overwrite installation will error.

Cookies are deleted uncompleted.

Direct website function cannot use on present block page.

Login window display and location are error. cannot recognize reader mode.

Auto-refresh cannot remember the refresh time set by manual way.

After highlight custom UA, version number will error.

After close tab, change the setup to recent pages, tab cannot be activated.

+ and – symbol cannot be used to resize pictures.

Cannot type f in compatible mode.

Dragging hyperlink, which in SkyNote, into browser will open two tabs.

Background’s tab pages cannot be added in favorite.

Drop-downs of address bar do not disappear in some conditions.

Cookie of small window could chaos.

In compatible mode, mouse middle click open link error.

In compatible mode, not support translating selected words in webpage.

Keywords of search link cannot be transcoded.

In history, deleting records in order of time will error.

Sometimes, an extra # symbol appears in setting page.

Selecting address text and dragging it will lead to event error.

After magic fill in Gmail, the password will display in encrypted format.

After statistic, SkyNote windows UI error.

Part RSS cannot be analyzed.

In address bar, the default search engine display error.

In compatible mode, sometimes dragging link will crash.

In compatible mode, block download does not be closed.


Install Information


Installer version:

MD5: c5af19f8303b37ab9288bee8d68efd1f


Portable version:

MD5: 872cdf70e08281757b70c02c4d0b3ea5