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Hello Maxers,

Firstly, thanks everyone’s feedback during Alpha testing. We fixed a lot of bugs and made many optimization with your help.

Therefore, today, we bring you the Beta version to let you have a try!

Beta versions are still test versions, if you find bugs or have some suggestion, welcome to create topics in “MX5 Beta Version Discussion” area in forum.

Let’s make MX5 become better!


+ Improvements:

Improve UI of main interface

Improve UI of installation and uninstallation interface

Add support for pasting pictures into articles in Infobox.

Optimize URL style of Infobox

Optimize custom webpage font

Support multiple language

Add proxy turn on/off button near address bar

Support off-line message

Add manual import for local user data

Support right click menu for address bar, when only display main URL in address bar

No limit for the number of tools display in tool bar (Thanks ody’s feedback)

Add right click manu for the index of Infobox

Add preview for the “Add to Infobox” function in right click manu

Add “Hide Shortcut bar icons” option in “Advanced” in “settings”

Add “Import data” function in Infobox and Passkeeper

Improve the speed of auto–sync data from MX4 into MX5, when users first log in MX5.


– Bug fixes

Fix some crashes

Data Import_Reverse order issue for importing data in Infobox (Thanks ody’s feedback)

Lock Tab_Display extra close button on locked tab, after refresh

Status Bar_CPU Usage disabled option can’t work well

Passkeeper_Optimize UI and fix some bugs

New Tab Page_Typed keywords still display in search bar, after search

New Tab Page_Cursor Focus display issues

Quick Access_Address bar can’t remember searched history typed in quick search bar

Quick Access_No display default search engine in address bar

Address Bar_Search engine is hidden by the URL display of address bar

Address Bar_Default texts overlap, when select some contents in address bar

ABP_Some videos can’t play, when ABP is enabled

Settings_Can’t delete extensions in “Functions & Addons”

Settings_No “settings saved” notification, when changed options of Microphone and Camera (Thanks WarDeN’s feedback)

Tab Bar_Can’t continuing close tabs

Snap_Can’t use snap function in Retro Mode

Shortcuts_Open the note in wrong place, when click a note

Infobox_“Remove from shortcut” option should not appear in the right click menu, when right click notes

Infobox_Pictures appear in wrong place, after insert pictures successfully

Infobox_Open the URL wrongly in tab, when select an URL in text area and select “Go to XXX” in right click menu

Infobox_Can’t drag folders from “All folders” into Shortcut

Extension_Open wrong page, when click “extension manager” on side bar

Shortcut Key_Can’t lock browser in Full-screen Mode


Install Information

Install Version

Download link:

MD5: D0336ED6D6AD7AD66176788CF6377F07


Portable Version

Download link:

MD5: A3EBD89D64732B2BA20322FAE801855E