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Maxthon Mx5 has been released and is back with more awesome feauters and outstanding outlook. Talk about speed and awesome new features. I am so glad that the team had worked so hard for this little browsing interface. From the begining of my browsing experience, I always bended towards Mozilla firefox than google chrome; as chrome always crashed a lot. But when I first got introduced to Maxthon in 2011, I’ve been using it ever since and never had problem when it came to speed.

Here’s an honest review of why you should chose Maxthon Mx5 over any other:

Maxthon Mx5 – Speed

Accept it! When it comes to browsing the web, we want the best of the best. Fast and smooth browsers are very hard to find these days. Even with latest updates of Chrome and Mozilla, I’ve tried them both, but not as fast as Maxthon- not even the versions before Mx5.

I’ll let you decide on this element when it comes to Maxthon Mx5.

Awesome Features

Sure every browser on the market, provides great features, plugins and extension to improve user experience. But with Maxthon Mx5, it has left me speechless. It has an awesome night tool- so no more stress on the eyes while browsing at the evening. The browser has new feature that is- it is protected with password and your own email address. In my case, I had registered my account when they gave me the chance a while back.


Maxthon Title Bar

Another amasing feature Maxthon brought was a slik interface of having your own profile. This really gives nice user experiences and also, you can protect your browser with multiple password. So you can say, it’s fast, smooth and much secure than other browsers. Well done Maxthon!

In addition to that, it has a cool Screen shot feature. You can customize particular region and capture, or you can capture an entire page. Where do you think I got the images from? Cool eh?




Errors? With Maxthon? Does Such Thing Exist?

Now, now, I know I’m getting way over ahead of myself. Kind of getting carried away by the excitement. But from past 4 years of using Maxthon as the only browser- I barely had any problems or bugs or issues. And to solidify my point more- this is just the beta version. Its not even fully fledged kind of launch, but it still is smooth and more amazing than other browsers out there with tons of bugs and errors.

I recieved my email today, so it has not been much since they launched this browser. So, I’ll say some errors and bugs may appear down the road later on. But as much as I know Maxthon as a brand, they know how to please their customers. I bet, they did not launched the whole thing just for attention of testing. Not criticizing them all, but others go with the same procedure but how honest and hard working they are? With Maxthon team, its not the case. They know better to make everything ok first and then expose it to their customers.

There are still many people who may be unaware of this browser, but if you know now, you know which to chose. Believe me Maxthon Mx5 will definitely change how you feel about browsing the internet and overall, how personal and amazing can a browser really get.

Cheers to Maxthon team! I’m one happy user.



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