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Hello Maxers,

Thanks for helping Maxthon improve all the time.

Today, we have Maxthon official version available for you to try out and welcome all of you to have a try!


Here are the changelogs :


New functions added in this updated version:

+Support to import mx4.x quick access local data

+Add proxy setting on sign in page

+Remember auto sign-in status on sign in page

+Add more language options: bg-bg fa-ir nb-no pt-pt vec-it

+Infobox: tool bar-menu-list view added

+Infobox: add right click on URL to open/copy website function


Functions optimized in this updated version:

-Changed the download link in QR sign in page

-Improved some over-length languages in night mode setting page

-Visual optimization for Infobox


Bug fixed:

*Several occasional crashes

*Upload pictures on Facebook

*Tab bar: lock tab

*Status bar: split screen button disappears

*Tab: close tabs continuously, abnormity appears

*Sign in: use special format email sign in, prompt email format error

*Fixed some minority languages problem

*Passkeeper: fix URL for 126 website

*Passkeeper: some display abnormity in password generator

*Passkeeper: in compatible mode, no saved indication pop up

*Passkeeper: some bugs on languages

*Video pop-up: close tab after popping up video, video been closed as well

*Settings: some misdirection on locations

*Infobox: optimized “pin to shortcut bar” function

*Infobox: unreadable code in URL

*Infobox: ALT+A to open shortcut folder showing error

*Sign in with mobile number, error appears with mobile information after logging out


Install Information


Install Version

Download link: C:\Users\Edison\AppData\Local\Temp\8LDO4



Portable Version

Download link: C:\Users\Edison\AppData\Local\Temp\[5UQ[

MD5: 8AD52B5FE513850AEABB5E64F55575C5