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Dear all,


Thanks for helping MX5 improve all the time.

We add guest mode in this version, proxy and core switcher are also coming back.

Users can choose what data to be synced as well.

So today, we bring you the latest version Beta2 and welcome all of you to have a try!


Here are the changelogs:


New functions added in this updated version:

+ Support customization for proxy and core switch button

+ Support external tool

+ Add guest mode

+ Support customization on UEIP data feedback in setting-Privacy & Content

+ Support customization on auto-sync setting

+ Add popup window interception prompt

+ Add new language (Spanish, French and Portuguese)

+ Support dragging URL in a webpage to shortcut bar and make it favorite

+ Shortcut bar-add “add to this folder” for a folder in shortcut bar

+ Shortcut bar support dragging to manage and organize entries

+ Shortcut bar-support “delete” to recycle bin

+ Add upload traffic calculation in Infobox-menu


Functions optimized in this updated version:

– Animation effect optimization in address bar

– User interface optimization

– Cancel popup window for name change from “favorite bar” to “shortcut bar”

– Passkeeper _ logic optimization for auto-fill

– Passkeeper_ UI optimization for excessive information during auto-fill

– Infobox _ optimization for searched result and matched entries

– Faster data import

– Optimized multi collection types function in webpage


Bug fixed:

* Fixed some crashes

* Split mode _ enter personal center, exit and activate split more, cannot drag tabs in left screen to right one

* Quick save images _ fix failure when save Baidu and local pictures

* Passkeeper _ saving failure for account and password in popup window

* Password generator _ random failure in some websites

* Passkeeper _ fix searching logic problem

* Data import _ it’s very slow to import guest data to MX5

* Passkeeper _ Passkeeper page freezes when import data

* Language _ Editing tools’ name in snipping tool displayed in Chinese

* Password generator _ Position adjustment for some websites

* Quick access in 4.4 versions not showing after using MX5

* Download _ fix download problem in Retro mode

* Setting _ Entertainment and HAHA display in International version and extended page

* Solved display issue for super large pictures

* Personal center _ needs restart to update Nickname after editing

* Font rendering _ fail to render customized fonts in Tencent websites, comment area

* Address bar _ switch search engine by alias, changes default search engine

* Previous and forward pages lost after restoring some specific recently closed tabs

* Right click plus wheel changes mouse gesture color to default one

* Address bar _ Tool bar compress address bar space in windowed mode

* Snap _ fail to snap region

* New tab _ only shows search box and navigation bar

* Google picture _ cannot upload by dragging picture from desktop to webpage

* Fix focusing issue in win7 system

* Fix Youdao Translation extension issue

* Tab bar _ new tab button disappear randomly

* Extension _ unable to use “turn off the light” extension

* Read mode _ display issue for some content and pictures in certain websites

* Read mode _ next page in reverse order

* Lock tab _ cannot lock or unlock a tab when open a new tab

* Sign in _ cannot sign in when set password with IE proxy

* Shortcut _ F2F3 functional defect

* Ad blocker _ Ad blocker icon shows in tool bar even without enabling

* Solved window disappearing issue in second screen under win7 system

* Cannot open local file

* Infobox popup issue

* Remember arranged order for notes and favorites in folders

* Repeated instruction in private and session modes

* Import data from MX3 in reverse order


Install Information

Install Version
Download link: C:\Users\Edison\AppData\Local\Temp\8LDO4

MD5: B943D0E9AEC51032D0F2F6C665741672


Portable Version
Download link: C:\Users\Edison\AppData\Local\Temp\[5UQ[



Happy browsing!