Maxthon for Android Web Browser V5.1.6000 is here!

Hello Maxers!


Thanks for helping Maxthon improve all the time.

Today, we bring you the latest Android version V5.1.6000 and welcome all of you to have a try!


Here are the changelogs:


Adding new App+ feature

Adding related posts in news page

Infobox_adding edit tool

Infobox_adding “Take picture” and “Pick photo from Gallery” to insert pictures

Infobox_adding new offline folder feature

Infobox_records can be now added to root folder

Infobox_arbitrary order of records and folders is now supported

Infobox_change “Shortcuts” to “My Favourite”

Optimize “Find in page”

Support more languages

Improve refresh interaction for news and pages

Compression for installation package

Improve application performance and stability

Fixed bugs


Install Information






5 responses to “Maxthon for Android Web Browser V5.1.6000 is here!”

  1. Appvv Avatar

    Wow! I am now shifting to Maxthon browser. Really wonderful post. Thanks a lot for sharing!

    1. Maxthon Avatar

      Enjoy it!

  2. cinemabox Avatar

    I just want to say thanks to the one who recommended the website; it’s been very helpful to me. And now and I’m happy.

  3. Anime Avatar

    Great share
    Found Interesting and wonderfull keep sharing click here

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