Maxthon MX5: Your Search For The Best Browser Ends Here

After getting comfortable with a browser for too long, whether it’s Firefox or Chrome, it’s not easy for someone to switch to an alternative or even dare to try a different browser. But, the all new Maxthon MX5 browser makes you an offer that you can’t refuse.

For those of you who are not familiar with the name, Maxthon is the creator of the fastest browser ever made. Now the company is back with an entirely new version of the browser, MX5, which packs so many features and tools that you’ll never believe it’s real.


To sum it up, here’s a list of the tools and features you get with MX5:

Infobox: Integrated note-taking app with 1GB/mo space.

Passkeper: Manage passwords with AES256 security.

UUMail: Unlimited virtual inboxes for anonymity and getting rid of spam.

A Night Mode for reducing eye strain.

Smart address bar.

Open background tabs by dragging and dropping links.

Mouse gestures.

Tons of Add-ons.

A clean and a Super-fast browsing experience.

That’s right. This browser packs all those tools into one place. No need to pay for Evernote to take notes, register with LastPass to manage your passwords, or Outlook to organize your emails. This browser does it all, for FREE!


And yes, MX5 also supports extensions like AdBlock and comes with a ton of cool features like a night mode, easy one letter bookmarks for websites (eg: type F into the search bar to visit Facebook website instantly), and so much more.


Maxthon MX5 is still in beta and available on Windows, iOS, Android, and as a portable version. Try MX5 once and you’ll never go back.



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9 responses to “Maxthon MX5: Your Search For The Best Browser Ends Here”

  1. Mick Avatar

    MX5 is a major step backwards from ver.4.93. It is not user friendly, and do not sync with other versions ( and perhaps it self but I wont load another version of MX5 onto another computer as it is that bad)
    Missing or not working is another great feature, the ad blocker.
    One great feature of ver. 4.93 is that you can have the same bookmarks on every computer.
    My advice is hang onto your older versions.

    1. maxthon Avatar

      Hi Mick, thank you for your frank feedback! MX5 is only a “baby” and we are improving it all the time, and your feedback will also be collected to the product team for their consideration.
      By the way, MX5 does sync with other versions. You can use “Import User Data” function to sync your data in other versions of Maxthon browser. For problems of Adblock or any future question, you can submit your situation on, our professional customer service team will reply you shortly.
      And I’m also glad that you like v4.9. Cheers!!!
      If you want to discuss more online with other Maxer, you can join our official forum:

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    1. maxthon Avatar

      I’m glad that you like it. 😉 Enjoy it!

  3. Smart Box Avatar
    Smart Box

    Thank you for useful information. I am going to give it try now.

    1. Maxthon Avatar

      I’m glad that you like it. Try it!

  4. terrariumtv Avatar

    Thanks for the excellent feedback. Would be interested in knowing what topics would be helpful for you in the future, too

    1. Maxthon Avatar


  5. dave Avatar

    Went looking for another browser for XP since Chrome and Firefox have ditched XP.
    Last version of Firefox to support XP simply sucks regarding its memory management. *FULL* of memory leaks. It is rubbish. Try running something, such as Facebook. Memory goes through to 1 gig within minutes.
    So off I trot and I find Yandex and MX5 which still both support XP. Fair enough, good to know. Gave both a shot.

    MX5 is a piece of utter crap on Windows XP. The MXService goes 100% and completely takes over every singe resource of the computer. It feels like it is malware and that you are doing some bad things to the computer. Maxthon, please, re-write your browser software for XP. It may be fine on other Windows, but XP it is way worse than Firefox. Eventually I had to manually remove the service with cmd line utils because it simply took over and wouldnt let go for anything. I then manually removed every hint of MX5 and Maxthon from the registry. Very annoying. Was about to reformat and re-install, but fortunately AINTX cmd-line utils came to the rescue.

    ….and yes, I installed MX5 twice just to make sure , and sure enough, did the same thing on another laptop running XP sp3. Not very good…. I wont be recommending MX5 to anyone.

    Verdict : Yandex browser wins this round.

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