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Dear all,

Thanks for helping Maxthon improve all the time.

So today, we bring you the latest version Beta5 and welcome all of you to have a try!

Here are the changelogs:


Functions optimization:

+ Add “close tab to the left” function in tab menu

+ Name of Infobox officially changed to “Maxnote”

+ Language update (es-es, fr-fr, it-it, pt-pt, tr-tr)

+ Right click menu supports “open in private window”


Bug fixed:

*  XP system, right click menu do not support Microsoft Yahei font

*  Flash videos automatically pop-up when continuously play the next episode

*  Txt file opened in browser does not have read mode

*  File in Google drive cannot be viewed after signing in Google account

*  Misfocus when choosing an entry in Maxnote and open it from Maxnote

*  Maxnote_ right click menu in trash shows in error

*  Address bar_ drop-down menu sometimes cannot withdraw

*  Select a note and right click move to a folder, the page cannot refresh timely

*  Favorite menu_ the directory of the dragged folder is invalid

*  Custom QA, some websites entered cause page crash

*  XM files exported from RSS are not connected with Maxthon browser

*  Switch tab by ALT+TAB, new tab lost focus

*  A locked tab is not shown after restart the browser

* Drag to change folder sequence in left column, all folder in thumbnail area cannot display


Install Information


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Portable Version

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