Primary Guidelines & Tips for MX5: User Interface

On Oct.27, 2016, we launched the MX5 official version to all users. Since MX5 is a totally brand new version compared with MX4, we will post more blogs about guidelines for MX5, to help users know better and be more familiar with MX5.

Today we will mainly focus on following four basic parts: Customize UI, Sidebar, Favorite bar and Tool bar.

Feel free to use Ctrl+F if you have question about MX5’s interface usage.

Customize UI

To present a clean interface, MX5 allows users to customize UI according to your own requirements, but you can also customize your own setting from Menu>View:


Sidebar, Favorites bar, Status bar could be enabled or disabled by checking or unchecking through Customize UI. These bars could offer more convenience

Home button, Restore Last Closed Page button, Favorites button on upper left corner could be enabled or disabled by checking or unchecking through Customize UI.

Switch Core button, Proxy button on end of navigation bar could be enabled or disabled by checking or unchecking through Customize UI. After enabling these two buttons, you will be able to switch Ultra/Retro mode, proxy more easily.




Sidebar is an important tool in previous version of Maxthon browser. In MX5, you can also use sidebar for Feed Reader, Maxthon Help Desk, and extensions if you have, but Favorite Manager, Download Manager and Skynote has been removed temporarily. (However, Favorite Manager and Skynote has been integrated in Maxnote for MX5, and you can use Ctrl+J for Download Manager or visit Download Manager from menu.)

You can also visit Maxthon Extention Center by clicking the “+” button on bottom of Sidebar.

As mentioned above, Sidebar could be hidden by unchecking in Customize UI.


Favorite bar

All your favorites/bookmarks will be shown on Favorite bar by default, but you can also see these favorites from Maxnote and hide your Favorite bar to make the browser cleaner.

fav-bar1 fav-bar2


Status bar

MX5 release version includes multiple tools and functions for Status bar: CPU Usage, Global Mute, Full Screen, and Page Zoom.


If you couldn’t see above functions the first time when you use MX5, please go menu>Settings>Functions & Addons to enable them. CPU Usage is under Utility tab, and Global Mute, Full Screen, Page Zoom are under Browsing tab.



Tool bar


You can have “Back”, “Homepage”, “Restore Last Closed Page”, “Favorite” buttons on left of navigation bar, and “ABP”(Adblock Plus), “Developer Tools”, “Resource Sniffer”, “Night Mode”, “Translate”, “Snap”, “External Tools” and “Menu” buttons right of navigation bar.

If “Homepage”, “Restore Last Closed Page”, “Favorite” buttons are not shown properly, you can initiate them from Menu>View>Customize UI;

If “ABP”(Adblock Plus), “Developer Tools”, “Resource Sniffer”, “Night Mode”, “Translate”, “Snap”, “External Tools” buttons are not shown properly, you can initiate them from Menu>Settings>Functions & Addons

Besides, the Close button of tabs, Maximize button, Minimize button, and Close button of browser could also be hidden if you uncheck “Show Close Tab button on background tabs” and “Always show maximize, minimize and close button” under Menu>Settings>General>Appearance.


Close button of tab will be shown automatically when you are viewing current tab, so that you can easily close any tabs without problem.

Similarly, Maximize, Minimize and Close button of browser will appear automatically if your mouse hovers over this area.


Above is a brief introduction about MX5’s interface, please feel free to comment or contact us directly if you have further problem or suggestions.

Happy browsing!





29 responses to “Primary Guidelines & Tips for MX5: User Interface”

  1. wei Avatar

    Great job guys!
    Had been using “aoyou” since 2008!! 😀

    1. maxthon Avatar

      Thank you for your comment and interest in Maxthon! Yes We are “aoyou” in Chinese 🙂 It’s our honor to have good fans like you all the time. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions in future.

  2. Ecrum Avatar

    Did not find skynotes (older version) or maxnote icon at side of maxthon browser ???

    Kindly help me.


    1. maxthon Avatar

      Hi Ecrum, I think you are saying sidebar of Maxthon browser? In MX4, Skynote could be found from sidebar, but in MX5, Maxnote is not placed there. You can visit Maxnote by clicking your avatar or using “Ctrl+G”. Any question, just let me know. ;D

  3. Scot Parker Avatar
    Scot Parker

    I have Maxthon as my start-page, and I like the revolving news feed, but – I hate CNN. Is it possible to customize or replace it with something else? Fox News, perhaps?

    1. maxthon Avatar

      Hi Scot, I’m glad that you like Maxthon Now and make it as your start page. It’s really our honor. Currently, the slide picture is from CNN, but the news is from The Washington Post. Hope you like it:)

      1. Frank Avatar

        the Washington Post has nothing to do with your CNN news.
        you never get them when you goto read an article – which, does not work,
        CNN servers are messed up – does not work on Maxthon…

  4. acainet Avatar

    welcome to my Big Test

    i’m planning to do Big Test for can check how it can work

  5. RobertHot Avatar

    Just say – Hallo! For all users of this wonderfull forum!

    1. maxthon Avatar

      Hello RobertHot! 😉

  6. delaish Avatar

    Thanks for sharing …. had been used since 2010

    1. maxthon Avatar

      I’m so glad to hear that. Have you tried MX5? How about that?

  7. Francesco Avatar

    I have Maxthon 5 for mac and can’t find the way to customize it (resource sniffer and other things…)

    1. Maxthon Avatar

      Hi Francesco, which part do you want to customize? This post is about customization of UI. Do you have any problem of resource sniffer?
      Let me know more about the problems you encountered and I’ll be very glad to help.

  8. Mello Avatar

    In my Maxthon Browser don’t display the button “Split Screeen (F10)”

    1. Maxthon Avatar

      Hi Mello, which version of Maxthon browser are you using? If it’s MX5, you can go Menu>View>Status bar>Split Screen to see whether it has been disabled. Enable it if it was not.

  9. Stihak Avatar

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  10. Stihak Avatar

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  11. jack Avatar

    Great stuff and thanks for sharing such a great knowledge.

  12. ozolli Avatar

    Is there a way to customize the shortcut bar font ? The default one is too wide and it’s a waste of space compared to the Firefox shorcut bar.
    Thanks for a great browser !

    1. Maxthon Avatar

      Hi ozolli, I’m sorry for the inconvenience caused but the shortcut bar font couldn’t be customized at present. But you can choose to hide the shortcut icons if you hope to save space. To hide shortcut bar icon, please go Menu>Seetings>Advanced>Shortcut bar>Hide Shortcut bar icons.
      Hope it could be helpful for you, and we will also transfer your suggestion to the product team for their consideration.

      1. ozolli Avatar

        Thank you for the tip ! That’s less appealing without the icons but it saves a huge space for more shortcuts.

  13. Garth Avatar

    Can I restore the Firefox regular text menu bar along the top of the browser?

  14. Dario Avatar

    Hello i have a problem with retro mode in maxthon for Mac.
    I don’t find the menu

  15. marvis pete Avatar
    marvis pete

    the main and only reason i loved maxthon was because of the skynote that i could access any time by making pin to my side bar , it was so amazing i told my friends about it , but you guys stripped that likeness off by removing skynote entirely with version mx5 which i could not pin skynote to sidebar or even see skynote , i would have sticked to the old version mx4 but my notes dont get updated from my phone to my pc , i mean pc , i now hate skynote i have no love for you again i would have to go back to my formal browser and take you off my default, its really bad you didnt think of us first before taking out some of your amazing goodies…… (frown face)

  16. Appdrift Avatar

    I’m using this from last 7 years. Thanks for the sharing this information.

  17. richard smith Avatar

    Its good to get few tips regarding the mx5 interface =D

  18. buyios Avatar

    Great job guys!

  19. ranjith Avatar

    Thanks for the tip its usefull..

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