Tips from Maxthon Engineers: Why Browser Closes Unexpectedly and How to Fix?

Hi Maxers, remember our last post about browser startup crash? Hope it was helpful to you. But actually I’d rather you never use those tips (after all Maxthon is one of the most stable browsers)!

Well, let’s start today’s topic.


If Maxthon5 closes suddenly during your browsing, you can check whether it’s because of the following reasons:

  1. Too many add-ons, or add-ons of low quality

Maxthon is a powerful browser which allows you to install as many add-ons as you want, but too many add-ons especially some low-quality add-ons may cause some problems.

To avoid that, you don’t need to uninstall all add-ons, but uncheck some less commonly used add-ons from Menu > Settings > Functions & Add-ons tab.


Your feedback is also appreciated if you could identify problematic add-ons causing crashes.

  1. Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus is a powerful feature in Maxthon browser, with which you can not only filter ads but customize your filter rules. However, some custom rules may cause incompatibilities with the browser, thus causing the crash.

So sometimes if you encounter crash during browsing, you can try disabling Adblock Plus to see whether it is fixed.

  1. Magic Fill

Crashing caused by Magic Fill often appears when the web page freezes, especially when there’s no problem when you are browsing other pages.

Magic Fill helps you fill information automatically, but sometimes it is applied to pages that shouldn’t be. To solve this problem, you can disable Magic Fill feature from Menu > Settings > Magic Fill Settings > Do not enable.


After checking that, refresh the problematic page, everything will come back to normal.

  1. Out of memory

This is also a common reason for the crash, but it’s not hard for users to realize that because it usually happens when you open too many tabs, apps or some tabs and apps are consuming large proportion of your computer RAM.

In this case, you need close some programs or overloaded websites.


Information needed to identify the cause

Above are some common reasons for the crash during the use of Maxthon, which you can check by yourself to identify the cause, but if all above solutions don’t work for your situation, you can contact Maxthon support team for more help. Our engineers are glad to analyze your problems and help fix them.

You may be required to send the following information to them to help identify the problem more effectively:

  1. Your Operating System, and device RAM information;
  2. Your Maxthon browser version;
  3. Security software installed on your computer;
  4. Maxthon Crash report, which you could get by pressing “Win + R” keyboard > run “%temp%” > press “Enter” > find the folder “MaxthonCrashData”.


Compress the whole folder and send it to us. We will forward it to engineers for analysis.

  1. Sometimes, your Maxthon account and UID are also needed.


As usual, if you have any question or suggestion, comment here directly, or go to our Facebook or Twitter page to share with us your questions or suggestions.

Extra appreciation goes to Luis and Qingzhao Zhang, two excellent Maxthon engineers, for these tips!

Happy browsing!






15 responses to “Tips from Maxthon Engineers: Why Browser Closes Unexpectedly and How to Fix?”

  1. Json Example Avatar

    It’s very useful !!!

    1. maxthon Avatar

      Thanks Json! I’m glad that you like it! 🙂

  2. richard senecal Avatar
    richard senecal

    I’m a minimalist and I would like to open my pc,click on maxthon and have the page where there is the strick minimum:google,email, facebook…thats it.Right now I’ve got a real newspaper appearing with pages turning informing me with the latest news,and all sorts of stuff that I don’t need.Thank you for helping.

    1. Maxthon Avatar

      Hi Richard, what do you mean by “a real newspaper appearing with pages turning informing me with the latest news”? Is that Maxthon Now(
      If it is Maxthon Now page, you can change your homepage settings, then you will not see this page at your startup.
      Let me know your browser version if you don’t know how to change homepage settings. 🙂

  3. Edgar Gallegos Avatar
    Edgar Gallegos

    Sometimes when I change tabs, they just close instead 🙁 (and its very often)

    1. Maxthon Avatar

      Hi Edgar, which version of Maxthon browser are you using? Does that happen randomly? For a more effective follow-up, you can also contact our engineers directly by emailing to, and they will contact you within 24 hours!

  4. valentin Avatar

    un browser foare bun , imi place , numai ca de multe ori nu afiseaza temperatura lacala . folosesc versiunea MX5, multumesc .

    1. Maxthon Avatar

      Hi valentin, do you mean there’s no Fahrenheit temperature on your mobile Maxthon browser? I’m sorry for my poor language understanding(Google translate)…
      Let me know whether I could help. 😉

  5. brown Avatar

    i have found haha (not the FB hahaha) virus attached to your UK web browser and other issues like it does not want to open gmx email and other issues not covered by above – from my PC not my laptop both the uk version and the usa max5 version i have found unstable issues. I know maxthon is a chineese version and haha virus/trojan is chineese and i wonder if there is a link. I am unwilling to re-install maxthon on my pc – i do have very good paid for internet security both on my laptop and pc.and regularly clean my computer of junk I think even on here i am moving away from Maxthon to use Opera which is similar to max5 anyway – and i have no issues when using Opera.

    1. Maxthon Avatar

      Hi brown,
      I’m sorry for bringing you inconvenience. But I really hope you could give us another chance…
      Firstly, let me check the problem you mentioned. Do you mean there’s a status bar showing Chinese in your MX5 browser all the time? If so, it may be a bug because Haha is a joking application only available for Chinese users. But the only difficulty now is that we couldn’t duplicate this problem from our end, thus being not able to identify the cause.
      Could you please send a screenshot to Our engineers will contact you within 24 hours upon your email. We really hope to solve this problem ASAP for you.
      Besides, you can also try the following two ways to see whether it works:
      1. Uncheck “Show Tips and Tricks on Status Bar” from Menu>Settings>Advanced>Status Bar
      2. Disable “” from Menu>Settings>Functions & Addons>Maxthon Tools>
      Let me know whether it works.

  6. Cira Jenious Avatar

    This does interest me

    1. Maxthon Avatar

      Happy about that.

  7. MAC DAV Avatar

    Thanks MAXTHON for this useful update

  8. Will Avatar

    My browser seems to crash whenever I click on a link from an exterior application. However, this does not happen all the time. May I please have assistance on this matter?

  9. Psiphon Avatar

    Brilliant, thanks for sharing this info. This is all very interesting

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