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Chiranshu Monga is the founder and CEO of Blogoturn, which is a web magazine for bloggers and entrepreneurs where they can learn about Blogging, SEO, Internet Marketing, Make Money Online and much more.


While there are tons of browsers out there, the task of finding a single browser to fill all your needs seems a problem unsolvable. Isn’t  it? With the advent of latest technologies, the capability of a browser isn’t just confined to opening and shutting of web pages, but much more.

Wouldn’t you just love if your browser:

  • Collected all the good stuff from the web and let you organize it as you wish.
  • Securely store your password to prevent the hassles of typing it over and over again
  • An inbox to save you from the tons of spam emails, annoying advertisements, and the useless chatter emails
  • Let you work anonymously so that what’s yours stays yours
  • Download those amazing cooking videos or saving the workout clips from your YouTube channels

If it was 2014, the only option would have been to console yourself, go to the bed and bury your face in the pillow as you loathed your way into deep slumber. However, there’s one thing in 2017 that is vastly different from what it was three years ago. Why do you ask? The answer is one word: Maxthon.

With the debut of the Maxthon browser, surfing the internet is not what it was a few years ago. More than a browser, it is your own personal assistant. With an array of exciting features and an unbeatable ensemble of built-in capabilities, this is a browser that is not an option but a necessity once you install and use it.

Work offline with all your stuff you want

How many times have we come across a web page while frantically searching for a solution to our quandary? Whether it’s recalling “that” ingredient in your recipe or a manual to fix your broken printer. A blog to quench your spiritual cravings or something about the new hobby you’re picking up that will aid improvement and improve your performance. While there is no dearth of search articles and they are ever present, there’s a catch: They are there only as long as you’re connected to the World Wide Web. The moment your router gives up or something snaps, you’re plunged into the abyss of ignorance. But what if you could access your favorite stuff you had stored earlier or organize them sans the internet? It’s not something out of a sci-fi fiction script but one of the many unparalleled features of Maxthon browser! Now you can see the information on the web, you can collect it and capture it. Access those contents even when you’re offline, organize and edit all while the world around you is going crazy for the Wi-Fi to be up and running.


All your passwords at one place – Safe and secure

When on the desktop, to keep the count of a number of websites we access is simply not possible. To do so for our passwords is even more so. To remember passwords of your Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and job portals, travel sites, etc. is bordering on being impossible. To write all of them is foolhardy, to remember them is superhuman. To reset them repeatedly is frustrating, to keep them stored somewhere safe is wishful, or is it? With Maxthon browsers, wishful is a word that simply doesn’t exist. Built to cater to all the conundrums of a modern day web surfer, the Maxthon browsers have been developed keeping in mind the everyday struggles in the virtual world, especially when it comes to passwords. Thus, with the Passkeeper, say goodbye to remembering those strings of complex letters and enjoy accessing your favorite websites without worrying about the security of your confidential passcodes. With AES256 and additional security practices put into place, no more worrying of your account being tampered.  What’s more, you can sync all your passwords across all of your devices, not just desktop but tablets and mobile phones too.


Just emails that you want – nothing more

As the flurry of shopping festivals keep on following one after another across all the online stores promising guaranteed ”unbelievable” discounts, the number of sales actually on those websites aren’t difficult to predict. The emails, however, keep on flooding your inbox day and night and the unread mail receipt keeps on piling up. Not a problem until you’ve ignored the mail with the joining letter asking you to report last week or the one informing you about the deadline of your financial products that expired just yesterday. We’ve all been there but those problems remain unchanged. What’s worse, the unnecessary emails sometimes mask those spams and phishing emails claiming you’ve been the “lucky” winner of $1.2 billion.


That’s all in the past, though. With UUMail, your inbox savior has arrived. The mail guardian lets you keep the emails you need and shred the ones that annoy you. Spams and Phishing emails dealt before they reach your mailbox. In addition, the virtual email addresses to configure your inbox lets you access the data you want without anybody else lurking in the background, watching what’s meant to be read only by you. No more snooping around by the government agencies as you enjoy the benefits of anonymous browsing.

Download all the good stuff from your favorite YouTube channels

Recently, the YouTube has included a feature of offline watching of its videos. However, a large majority of videos are still not available for this feature. Thus, the cool new workout video by your favorite fitness mentor can’t be recalled when you so badly need it in the gym or at your home. To go and watch it over again is not a good exercise while you’re pumping iron. Ditto is with the trying out of new recipes. Thus, the download option for YouTube videos is a godsend for users who craved to carry their videos wherever they go.



With an assemblage of unrivaled features, your browsing experience will never be the same again with Maxthon browser. Welcome to the new age of browsers. We promise you one thing and one thing only: You’ll never want to go back to your old browsing habits again.