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If you once contacted Maxthon technical support team, you may have the impression of “Maxthon H” from the support email. “H” represents “Huang”, the family name of Huang Shan, who is the only woman in Maxthon Technical Team. Here we conducted an interview of Huang Shan that consist of a bunch of questions you might be interested.


How much overtime do you usually work each week?

“It’s not ‘each week’. It’s ‘each day’!” Huang explained. “I need to reply all emails from international users in different time zones, so it’s hard to cover them all at once within 8 hours.”

Replying emails timely and properly is never a piece of cake. For every question users raised, Huang need to test on her end to replicate the issue. This is the first step to root and identify the cause of the problem more effectively. But usually, when the user didn’t specify enough details, or when the mentioned issue couldn’t be replicated even according to specified steps, a long road of repeated communication between the support team and the users will begin.


“It’s my headache sometimes, but rewarding the other time.”

Every time when Huang received troubleshooting emails without enough information, she had to be patient and requested the details needed. She admitted that this was her most headache problem sometimes when she realized there were still much more emails in the waiting list.

But communicating itself is an interesting thing. The person at the other side of email is an active user who shares a same habit. She feels happy for every simple “Thank you” from the users, and also happy when she received a favorable comment.

It’s the best time every day when she read users’ feedback about her service. And every time when she had pressure, reading feedback is also a way to relax and cheer herself up. These users never held back on their praises.



What should I do when I encounter a problem with Maxthon browser?

Usually, rooting the cause of a problem may need many details. That’s why she felt a little worried when the email senders couldn’t address enough detailed description. The most desirable situation she imagines is that she could replicate the issue and identify the cause at the first email, which will be of the highest efficiency.

To achieve that, here’s some suggestion from Huang when a problem raised with Maxthon browser:

  1. Check Maxthon Help Center first, to see whether your issue has been included in the FAQ;
  2. Check your Internet connection, including proxy, VPN settings;
  3. If it’s some problem with page rendering, try disabling Adblock Plus;
  4. Submit the issue you encountered on Maxthon Troubleshooting Page, together with the necessary URL address, screenshots, replicate steps and other important information.


What do you want to speak to Maxers?

Though communicating with them every day, Huang still has many words to speak to Maxers. For those who gave her best rating with favorable comments, she hopes to convey her appreciation for that. It’s their encouragements and support that give her a good reason to hold on in tough moments.

Another point she want to speak to all of the users, also which she mentioned in many emails to the users, is that please be patient during the troubleshooting service. There are many emails and feedback received everyday. Huang and her team should reply every email, one by one, without any auto-reply. If you didn’t receive their reply immediately, they may be testing or preparing the reply to you.

“We are very sorry for the inconvenience caused by the probable delay, but please be patient, we are on the way. Give me one more second and I’m coming!”


Huang is confident that she and her team will be more and more skilled, thus making the response time shorter and shorter in order to make Maxthon user satisfaction higher and higher.