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Who are you?

Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton?

How long have you been using Maxthon browser and how do you like it?

Is there any funny story with Maxthon that you want to share with us?

We’d like to hear from you guys about how you use Maxthon in the daily life. Will it help you boost the efficiency? How?

Let us know! Your story may be selected to be published on our official blog.


  1. Would you like to tell us more about yourself? For example, your name, gender, age, nationality, profession, or other information you’d love to share.
  2. How did you know Maxthon browser? When?
  3. Does it help you boost the efficiency? Or, how do you think about Maxthon browser?
  4. Could you share with us a story between you and Maxthon? 
  5. The last one, could you leave a one-sentence review for Maxthon browser? J 
  6. Please leave us a valid email address and a link to your pictures so that we can contact you in future if your story is selected.


Please feel free to check and fill in the survey form in the following link, and your story will be collected directly:

Looking forward to your Maxthon story on this blog soon!