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Maxthon Browser has been dedicated to providing the best product and service on market for free. More than that, we’re planning to give REAL MONEY to our users! If you’re a loyal Maxthon fan who loves to write product reviews, then the bonus is for you! Here are the rules:

Here are the rules:

If you wrote a review article that talks about Maxthon Browser’s features, and submit for publication on either print media like newspapers and magazines, or online media like websites and famous blogs, we’ll give you a cash bonus other than your royalties once your article has been published by the media. The specific amount of the cash bonus varies depending on the popularity(volume/views) of the media. And the bonus could go from 5USD to 200USD per thousand words! You only need to send email to with the URL(online) or photo(offline) of your published article to claim your bonus!

We are aiming to introduce Maxthon Browser to even more people through the help of all Maxers, and we’re thrilled to see your contribution! Geeks, digital enthusiasts, tech journalists, blog writers and whoever you are, if you love Maxthon and want to make it a even better product, don’t hesitate to lend your help!


* This event is long-term effective unless otherwise notified. Maxthon retains the final interpretation of the event.