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As a browser who once rocked the hegemonic position of Internet Explorer, Maxthon is a “senior” browser with users covering all ages.

Today, let’s have a chat with Rainer Fauth, a 62-year-old Taoist from Germany.


Would you like to tell us more about yourself?

I’m Rainer Fauth, a pensioner aged 62 who has been using Maxthon browser since 2011. I’m member of Maxthon community and now active in Maxthon forum. At the time I registered my Maxthon account, Maxthon was still at its Maxthon3 stage. I was looking for something as an alternative to Opera browser V12 and met Maxthon at that time. I was fascinated.


How do you think about Maxthon browser?

As mentioned above, Maxthon came to me when I was searching for an alternative to Opera, but after using Maxthon, I think it’s better than Opera or Chrome because of the better bookmarks organization.

For me, Maxthon browser is not just a tool to surf the Internet, but a philosophy of life.


Could you share with us a story between you and Maxthon?

What Maxthon attracts me about is its great forum, where there are thousands of users and volunteers helping to develop this browser. Sometimes if my browser doesn’t work as expected, I will post a thread on Maxthon forum, and the moderators are always very patient and kind. I have never experienced a browser forum in that way before.

I have to admit that Maxthon forum is the only community I have been loyal to since 2011.


Could you leave a one-sentence review for Maxthon browser?

It is intuitive to use and has everything you really need in an ever-faster world of information.


Above is a brief introduction about Rainer, our loyal Maxer, Rainer. Besides, he also created a German Maxthon Blog for users speaking German. Rainer said: “It’s my plan to write a German blog for the German users or the ones who are supposed to be. It has nothing to do with making money because I am a Taoist who do not stick to money.”

We are very honored to have users like Rainer, and sincerely wish him a happy life in future!


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Happy Browsing!