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Have you ever wish that there were more hours in a day and more days in a week? I’m sure that you know this kind of feelings. This post is for those who have more things to do than the time to do them. It’s also ideal for those who always experience time deficits on a daily basis. As answered in a book, “I don’t really manage my time; I simply created more time”. We will also give you some tips on how to create more time in your daily life.

Stop wasting time

It’s easy to speak that, but we can never put too much emphasis on this issue. If you want to acquire more working time within a day, you must keep this in mind, and remind yourself again and again.

If you start scrolling & browsing Facebook when you pick up Coca-Cola, close it immediately after you drank up.

If you search something online, focus on the content that you were supposed to search, not something else.

If you take your mobile phone up, do only what you have to do.

Just keep it in your mind: stop wasting time.

Get into work as soon as possible

During your work in a day, we couldn’t avoid interrupts. But as we have talked in our last topic, do not waste time on these interrupts, so the most important thing is to bring yourself back to the work as soon as possible.

For example, you may have a short break after lunch. After the short rest, how long will it take before you get your work started? Will it be as long as you use to get up in the morning?

People who manage time effectively could switch themselves promptly among different positions in case of wasting time. If you need to work under different situations or locations, Cloud sync is a good idea for you to help boost the efficiency.

Make plan and avoid exception

Well, we mentioned interrupts many times above, which are big enemies of efficiency. But how can we avoid exceptions? Make plans!

It’s important to have plans not because our plans always work out, but because the process of making that plan helps us to be intentional about our choices in the moment. When we know what we have to do and what we should be doing, we can determine in the real life how to handle the interruptions and the temptations.


Set priorities

Now you may have idea about your plan in next step, right? If you are good at setting priorities, you will be better prepared to decide on goals, thus managing your time more effectively.

Before setting priorities, you must understand the difference between “important” and “urgent”. Important tasks must be done, while urgent tasks must be done NOW. Some things can be taken care of tomorrow, later this week, or next week. So set priorities and sort our things in the order of their importance are always essential for time management.

Make use of fragmented time

We once referred to this topic in our previous posts. Prepare a reading list, and you will find it very useful when you have fragmented time. Saving reading stuff is not very difficult now with Maxthon5 browser. What you need to do is simply click on Maxnote and save the pages as content or snapshot. After the content has been successfully synced, you will be able to access them at anytime, anywhere in future. Then no matter how much fragmented time you have in a day, you will have the same extra effective time.


Enjoy the extra one hour today!