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According to CNN, every day there is a new threat popping up in the online world. It is nearly impossible to keep up with every threat. There are many different types of software out there, all promising you to keep your devices safe, however, we have a large part to play in ensuring our online security.

Whether you are watching a film or logging into All Slots Casino to have a spin of the slots, you need to be sure your privacy is not at risk! With the rise of online betting and casinos reaching stratospheric heights, it is more important than ever to be safe online. Online slots are supposed to be fun, so don’t spoil it by taking liberties with your security.

Keep Your Passwords Complex

What is harder to guess- a word or a phrase? According to CNET, when choosing a password, it is important that you create one that only you can guess. If possible, go for a mixture of words or phrases along with numbers and symbols. Yes, it may be harder for you to remember but it will be completely impossible for anyone else to guess. You can also consider utilising a password creator that will create a totally random, and totally impossible to guess password for your security needs. It is worth noting that you can also use a password manager such as Passkeeper in Maxthon5 browser, to generate complex passwords and keep them all safe in one place!

Protect your password

For a hacker, it is easier for them to ask for your password, rather than spending hours to trying to guess it with a specific program. Often you see fake emails coming through, pretending to be your bank or other service providers, asking you to confirm your account details. It is a best practice to check the email address, because the fake emails will often come from a dubious email address, but with the name set to the name of your bank or service provider.


Use a Virus Detection Package

You have a lot of valuable information stored on your devices, and should it fall into the wrong hands, it could be disastrous. Not using virus protection software is like driving your car without insurance, so you have no protection against theft and loss. There are so many good ones out there, and some top end mobiles and computers already have built in security packages. In this case cheap is not necessarily the best, but more expensive also does not mean the better either. Do your research on line, same as you do with your insurance, and find out how much it costs, what cover it provides, and what people think about it.


Do Not Leave Your Devices Unattended

The easiest way to get your information and identity is to get your physical device. Imagine you are in a coffee house, your laptop is on charge, and you stand up to get another drink. It is very easy for someone to gain access to your personal details including credit card information and passwords. Use common sense in protecting your device, as the data on the device is usually more valuable than the device itself.  It is also a good practice to keep a backup of your device at all times, should anything happen to it, the value is still stored and you can take action by changing your passwords should this be necessary.

Cyber security is definitely not about keeping up with the trends, but more so using common sense in the way you use technology.