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These days, everyone is expected to be up to speed on Internet search techniques, to be more efficient on work. People may get many tips for working online more efficiently, but very few of them tried improving productivity through a browser. In this article, we will explain how a better browser could help boost your efficiency to a large extent.

Browser is the gateway to the Internet world

Except for some traditional industries, Internet has became a more and more important tool for work. And browser, as the gateway to the Internet world, greatly influences our working efficiency.

The main purpose of an Internet browser is to translate or render the code that websites are designed in into text, graphics, and other features of the web pages that we are all used to seeing today. So, browsers which perform better and faster will of course help us speed up in our work, and help save more time.


Nowadays, Internet browsers have developed into powerful tools that let you safely and quickly access your favorites.

Browser can be more than only a tool

Browsers are powerful tools but they do not stop there. More and more full-featured browsers were developed, and we enjoy the convenience led by them.

Maxnote, based on Maxthon5 browser, is not just a collection function for the browser. It is a service for the whole platform. It is a private, cloud-based knowledge management tool featuring smart collection and convenient not taking. It meets all possible user requirements including collecting, saving, editing and browsing online content.

Moreover, Maxnote also provides a separate official website (, where users can visit and access all their bookmarks and notes from any browser.

This represents Maxthon’s vision for becoming an information assistant, not just a browser for browsing websites. Maxnote is one of the most crucial functions of the three features (Maxnote, Passkeeper, and UUMail) of MX5.


Browser syncs your preference

While ‘flexible working’ and working from home is becoming increasingly popular for many businesses, how to ensure the efficiency in different places is a problem that needs to be paid more attention. By making best use of technology such as audio and video-conferencing, instant messenger and mobile Internet, we can do much even if employees aren’t physically in the same place. But how about your preferences record that stored in your working devices at office? How can we avoid meaningless repetition when we start to use a new device? Get the preference synced!

If you are using Maxthon5 browser, you can always sync your settings and preferences across devices with Maxthon account: auto-saved passwords, quick access websites, and even the website suggestion in the address bar will all be synced, which will save much extra time for you.


Of course, the benefits don’t stop here. You can always try downloading and installing a Maxthon5 browser, to experience the efficiency this browser could bring you.

Happy browsing!