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Copying & pasting can be very useful if you get the right materials online and need to collect them for future usage. At least, you don’t need to type in the whole article word by word.

However, there are always easier ways to save time and be more efficient.


Screen Capture

If you need the materials only for reference, snapping the screen is the most convenient way to record the content the way it is. By snapping, you can save not only the texts but also the pictures, icons, buttons…as the way they are.

There are many snapshot tools in the market, but waiting for the initiation of a separate application is more or less annoying, especially when you don’t want your workflow to be interrupted.

If you are using Maxthon5 browser, there are two ways to snap without additional application: using the native snap tool, and Maxnote.

Snap tool: If you need to crop the screen content when you are using Maxthon5 browser, click the snap button at the top-right corner, or use shortcut “Ctrl+F1”, and you will be able to select any area and add to your remarks. “Ctrl+F2” could also be used if you need to snap the whole page.


Maxnote: Have you noticed the small button of a bee at the end of your address bar? Try clicking it, and you will see a dialogue box letting you choose the record type and path. If you want to snap the screen, then choose “Snapshot” when you need to crop partially, or “Snap whole page” for the whole.


Web Content Selection

Though it is convenient and straightforward, the content cropped couldn’t be edited. Many people could only copy with “Ctrl+C” if they want the editable content, and leave a disordered layout with “Ctrl+V”.

Now you can make a closure of that upset! Remember the small bee we mentioned above? In the “Add to Maxnote” dialogue after clicking the bee button, “Web content” and “Selection” are just for editable copying.

If you choose “Web content”, all the text and picture content in this page will be converted into a new layout, and this is just what it will look like after you save it by clicking “Add”.


Similarly, if you choose “Selection”, you will be able to decide which part to be chosen partially. After saving, your selected content will look like this:

How about that? Better choice than “Copy & Paste”?

Then try it & happy browsing!