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If you enjoy watching videos and visiting YouTube on a regular basis to check for new great clips, then you definitely need a good YouTube downloader to save your favorite videos for watching on PC or portable gadgets. There are a lot of video downloaders of any kind: online services, software, plugins, and web browsers with a built-in option to save YouTube clips. The latter seems to be the best option. Online services are slow when there are a lot of people using them at the moment; software may install third-party add-ons and malware onto your PC; plugins may interfere with your browser settings. Meanwhile, a ready web-browser with a built-in feature to grab videos is a fast, simple, and safe solution. The best option to choose here is free Maxthon browser. Released in 2003, the browser has got numerous awards from leading tech websites like Chip and has become a default browser of thousands of users. What makes this browser stand from the crowd, is its simple interface and multiple features that you’ll really use. First of all, it has a built-in adblocker. Thus you don’t have to install additional plugins. It’s available for all popular operating systems: iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac. Of course, you can sync your data among all your devices with Maxthon browser installed. Two more interesting options are night-mode which lets you reduce the brightness and save your eyes; and a screen-capture tool that you can use to take screenshots of a web page. the-most-interesting-option-is-a-built-in-youtube-downloader And, of course, the most interesting option is a built-in YouTube downloader. When you open a YouTube URL in Maxthon browser, there appears a Save button in the top right corner of a video. As soon as you click it, the browser will ask you a destination path for a new video and its title.  Depending on your Internet connection speed, the file will appear in a specified folder within a couple of minutes. as-soon-as-you-click-it-the-browser-will-ask-you-a-destination-path-for-a-new-video-and-its-title Sometimes videos come with ads that you might want to delete before uploading it to your smartphone or tablet. That’s where you need free Freemake Video Converter. It’s a user-friendly utility with pleasant, colorful interface and a variety of features. Let’s check it thoroughly. To start working with Freemake Video Converter download it here and install. The software can be used on Windows Vista, Win 7, 8, and Windows 10. If you are still running Windows XP, contact Freemake Support Center for special versions or check for old ones online. It’s worth saying that Freemake doesn’t contain any 3d party ads in the installer so that you can run it without any fears. When the installation process is finished, run the utility on your PC or laptop. Don’t be afraid if you feel that there are a lot of buttons. In fact, everything is pretty simple. A top row buttons serve to add files Audio, Video, DVD, and Photo respectively. The bottom row buttons are video and audio formats you can choose to convert your files to. You’ll also see three social media buttons in the center of the tool with the links to Freemake official pages on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. If you like using the program, follow the company profiles to learn the latest news, updates, and promo offers. Now, let’s learn to edit videos with Freemake. First of all, add your new video or videos into the software. You may use the +Video blue button or simply drag-n-drop them. Make sure your videos don’t have the h265 codec. It’s not supported by the software. Thus you won’t be able to edit the videos. If everything is OK, click the green scissors button to the right of a video to run Freemake built-in editor. You’ll have to edit each file separately. When an editor starts, move to the beginning of an ad and mark it with a left blue scissor button. Then mark the end of an ad. Click the central scissors button to cut the ad. Repeat these actions for all undesired video parts. When the video looks the way you like, click OK. if-everything-is-ok-click-the-green-scissors-button-to-the-right-of-a-video-to-run-freemake-built-in-editor As you can see, there is also a green circle arrow button. It serves to rotate videos 90 and 180 degrees. In case your video is in a wrong orientation, you can easily get it back to the right mode by clicking this button. If you want, you may join your videos into one long movie. To do it, enable the Join on option in the top right corner of Freemake Video Converter. You should have at least two videos in the software. Otherwise, the “Join on” button will be greyed out. That’s not all. If you close the software now, your changes won’t be applied. To save cuts or other changes, choose one of the video formats at the bottom of Freemake Video Converter. As you can see, there are a lot of options, including such choices as Apple, Android, Blackberry, Nokia, and others. If you want to convert videos for your portable gadget, click the corresponding button. Freemake Video Converter provides a huge number of ready presets with settings for all most popular device models. As soon as you click the necessary green bubble, there will appear a list of devices. Choose the one you need and run the conversion process. Please note that the software doesn’t delete or change the original file. It creates a new one with the changes you’ve made. By default, the ready files go to My videos folder. However, you can always change before the conversion. It can be done right above the Convert button. in-case-you-have-a-rare-portable-gadget-or-would-like-to-convert-the-videos-for-your-tv In case you have a rare portable gadget or would like to convert the videos for your TV, you can create a custom preset with the necessary settings. To do it, choose an output format. If you don’t know which one to select, google for your device model and check what formats it supports. Then click the format and a blue cog-wheel button under the drop-down menu with presets. You’ll see a settings window. Here you can set the bitrate, fps, frame rate, change video codec. Below there will be audio track settings of the same kind. You may save the preset if you want so next time you’ll need to simply choose it from the available ones. dont-forget-to-convert-the-videos-with-the-new-parameters Don’t forget to convert the videos with the new parameters. If your movie is in a foreign language, you can add a subtitles track to it. Go to any site that hosts subtitles and download a right subtitles file in SRT, ASS, SSA formats. Then add a video into Freemake Video Converter and pay attention to the video line. There’ll be written Subtitles. Click on this word and select Add subtitles option. Choose you subtitles file and click OK. You can preview the subtitles in the Freemake editor. In case you want to change font or size of the subtitles, you can do it with a special Freemake pack. After that convert the video in a usual manner and upload to your tablet or smartphone. As you can see it’s very easy to download and cut ads out of your video. Download more videos as described above and teach your friends to do it.