3 Reasons to Make Maxthon Your iPhone X Browser

Your heart may be stolen since the big event on Sep. 12, when Apple unveiled the iPhone X, its new radically redesigned anniversary edition smartphone that drops the traditional home button for an all-screen design, right? You felt great for the upcoming iOS11, so you started to wait for the pre-sale of this perfect package, but…wait! Is there any improvement for the default iOS11 browser? No?

Though you can’t remove it, you may always be able to avoid it. When you get your iPhone X and enter your system successfully, download a Maxthon Browser from App Store ASAP.

Why Maxthon? Here are 3 reasons.

Optimized for iOS11 specifically

As introduced by Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, iPhone X will be born with iOS11, a brand new generation of mobile operating system for iPhone. Before that, Apple warned the users that iOS11 will officially drop support for 32-bit applications. Any 32-bit app will refuse to launch and instead show an alert pressuring the developer to release a 64-bit update.

Before iOS11 was launched officially, the developers for Maxthon5 iOS browser had finished the performance optimization against iOS11, so when you opened Maxthon5 browser on your iOS11 devices, you will never encounter the error alert, instead, this application will function smoother than ever on this operating system.

Get full immersive display

“Our vision has always been to create an iPhone that is entirely screen. One so immersive the device itself disappears into the experience.”

The immersive experience was mentioned for many times on the event, and we believe that people who plan to buy iPhone X at such a high cost are also keen on the immersive exploring experience. However, it will be a pity if this immersive experience was ruined by a not so well designed internet browser.

In Maxthon5 browser, you can set it as “Auto full screen” during the browsing, so next time when you are browsing, the address bar at the top and the toolbar at the bottom will be hidden automatically. The webpage will be spread out fully in front of you.

It’s all screen.


Sync everything

With iCloud, iOS can automatically connect all of your Apple products, making things you do every day easier. For this new device and this new operating system, Apple insists its attention on continuity. However, when iCloud could help connect the Apple products, what will sync your data across different platforms?

Maxthon is a browser based on the cloud engine, so all your data on Maxthon Browser could be synced across all your devices, across all of the platforms: Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

If non-Apple products are still necessary for your daily work, then the Maxthon5 browser is a must for you.


Apple is bringing you more and more choices for smartphone every year, but Maxthon believes that you can also have more than one choice for your internet browser on the smartphone.

Start it by making Maxthon your iPhone X browser now.





17 responses to “3 Reasons to Make Maxthon Your iPhone X Browser”

  1. GoMovies Avatar

    Apple is bringing you more and more choices for smartphone

  2. StevenRob Avatar


  3. Mel Givan Avatar

    Where can I buy it?

    1. Maxthon Avatar

      Buy what? iPhone X? You can buy it from Apple website I think.

  4. Rajib Mahbub Avatar

    I tried it many times on my iPhone 6s. But the maximum time it got down and find it lazy. Hope next version will be faster. Good luck maxthon.

    1. Maxthon Avatar

      Hi, do you mean you met difficulties when you tried to install MX5 to your iPhone6s?
      Please feel free to contact our technical support team for more assistance.


  5. LN Avatar

    Used to have a iPhone 6s Plus and was able to watch videos on Maxthon in both Portrait and Landscape. Now on my iPhone X Landscape no longer works and support confirmed this. GET IT FIXED MAXTHON!!!!

    1. Maxthon Avatar

      Hi LN, I’m very sorry for that…But now the new build with Landscape mode is under development and test. Please be patient, and we’ll bring it ASAP.

  6. nexvan Avatar

    Maxthon Thank you for your post

  7. Okage Avatar

    I am using Maxthon for my iPad mini 4 but portion of the pages are not appearing when they refresh or the tabs reload.

    1. Maxthon Avatar

      Hi, I’m very sorry for the inconvenience caused. Could you please send us an example url for our text from our end?
      Also, you can contact our technical support team by emailing to help@maxthon.com

  8. Marvis Flaum Avatar

    I bet you slice it into the woods. A hundred bucks!

  9. eva Avatar

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  10. Michael Avatar

    Hello. Any update on getting Maxthon to work in landscape mode?

  11. iphone customer support number Avatar

    I have heard about this browser from my friends and from some blog. I never used this browser but recently I have bought iPhone X and i am thinking to use this browser. Is it better than Google Chrome?

  12. Apple MacBook pro Support Avatar

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