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On Saturday 23rd, 2017, the KPL (King Pro League) of Arena of Valor in this season ended, and a team named QGhappy crowned the final champion and got their prize: 1,200,000RMB (around 200,000 in dollars) and some other gifts. As one of the most popular mobile games in China, Arena of Valor attracts more than 200 million users, making it a phenomenon that can’t be surpassed. For many young players, learning from online videos is a necessary way to improve the gaming skills, but the question is, most of the official videos are the live stream on Arena of Valor website, how can we download the vids and learn the tricks step by step? Actually, the online videos and live streams can be grabbed by HTML parser. However, not all of us have good knowledge of web diagnosis, so the handy tool we’re going to introduce next will be very important: resource sniffer in Maxthon browser. Resource sniffer is a free feature in Maxthon browser, which can help you sniff all available video resources, audio resources, pictures, and even CSS file. Many users are not very familiar with how to use this function, so in this blog we will give a detailed introduction to it, taking the Arena of Valor KPL live stream video as an example:
  • Open the official website of KPL in Maxthon browser, and click the magnifier icon at end of the address bar:
  • From the video tab of Resource Sniffer panel, select the video files you want, and then click the Download button.
  • After selecting the required path, click “Save” to start the downloading. You can also use the third party downloader (IDM, IDA…) installed in your computer.
after-selecting-the-required-path Sounds cool, right? Then why not download Maxthon browser now to try the Resource Sniffer feature now? You’ll never worry about missing the live videos in future!   Happy browsing!