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Maxthon, as a global software company that keeps developing advanced browsers, has now participated in a new blockchain project LivesOne that introduced by Symbiosism Economy Foundation, who has introduced a new cryptocurrency LivesToken(LVT).

We are also planning to introduce Maxthon Browser Mining Edition to enable users to mine LVT. This brand new version of Maxthon not only allows users to mine tokens to claim their Internet values, but also aims to change the current Internet ecology by taking back the Internet from the oligarchs.


Our founder and CEO Jeff Chen founded the company because of his belief to give global users a better tool to enjoy a better Internet. Now the Internet is no longer what it was, the flat structure has been replaced by the oligopoly. All the content you saw online today is no longer what you want to see, but rather what Facebook and Google want you to see.

In regard to this, we are set to make a revolutionize step by embracing blockchain technology and reform our browser as well as the Internet. The first step is to join the Symbiosism System and help LivesOne platform issued a new cryptocurrency LivesToken through browser mining. Gradually, we will build a blockchain enabled browser to give choice back to people.



Now, we are looking for people who are interested in either blockchain, cryptocurrency or building a better browser.

If you happen to be one of them, do not hesitate to join our telegram group, to start your first step towards changing the world

Together, we can take back the Internet!



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