Maxthon Browser Embraces Blockchain To Take Back The Internet From Oligarchs And Give It Back To The People

Maxthon, as a global software company that keeps developing advanced browsers, has now participated in a new blockchain project LivesOne that introduced by Symbiosism Economy Foundation, who has introduced a new cryptocurrency LivesToken(LVT).

We are also planning to introduce Maxthon Browser Mining Edition to enable users to mine LVT. This brand new version of Maxthon not only allows users to mine tokens to claim their Internet values, but also aims to change the current Internet ecology by taking back the Internet from the oligarchs.


Our founder and CEO Jeff Chen founded the company because of his belief to give global users a better tool to enjoy a better Internet. Now the Internet is no longer what it was, the flat structure has been replaced by the oligopoly. All the content you saw online today is no longer what you want to see, but rather what Facebook and Google want you to see.

In regard to this, we are set to make a revolutionize step by embracing blockchain technology and reform our browser as well as the Internet. The first step is to join the Symbiosism System and help LivesOne platform issued a new cryptocurrency LivesToken through browser mining. Gradually, we will build a blockchain enabled browser to give choice back to people.



Now, we are looking for people who are interested in either blockchain, cryptocurrency or building a better browser.

If you happen to be one of them, do not hesitate to join our telegram group, to start your first step towards changing the world

Together, we can take back the Internet!



Official website:

Telegram group:

Bitcoin Forum Discussion:

Facebook: @LivesToken

Twitter: @LivesToken






159 responses to “Maxthon Browser Embraces Blockchain To Take Back The Internet From Oligarchs And Give It Back To The People”

  1. Defalt Avatar

    i really want to mine this currency, can i get the maxton version for mining it?
    or is there any beta app for it.

    Happy customer of Maxthon

    1. Maxthon Avatar

      The pre-registration will be open next Monday (1.15), and you can reserve your mining edition browser at that time. Please stay tuned for our notification in channels mentioned this post. And the most convenient way I think, is to join our Telegram Group:

      1. jlcm.56 Avatar

        Hi, am with you since MAxthon appear on internet i believe, i would like to participate in your mining project, what i should do???

      2. les Avatar

        when will the browser be ready for download? and where can we find it?

    2. Hanna Rean Avatar

      No u r not
      No regards from customer


    Maxthon is my browser of choice . I am of the older generation who did not use computers until into their 60’s . I am unsure what “blockchain” encompasses but am keen to follow up and continue my life learning curve ,

    1. Maxthon Avatar

      Oh William, Maxthon is just like you, because we’re also in a way of learning new technology. As an old-brand browser, we’re happy to be at the frontier of this revolution!
      Let’s stand together! 🙂

      1. Gennadiy Avatar


      2. Waheduzzamam Avatar

        Ok. keep me updated.

      3. MIRZA AZEEM BAIG Avatar

        Maxthon is my browser of choice . I am of the older generation who did not use computers until into their 60’s . I am unsure what “blockchain” encompasses but am keen to follow up and continue my life learning curve ,

      4. abdelfattah habib Avatar
        abdelfattah habib

        thank you fore this maxthon

        1. abdelfattah habib Avatar
          abdelfattah habib

          wish you all the best

  3. Axton Wells Avatar
    Axton Wells

    Excited to be a part of this

  4. Jindra Chalupka Avatar
    Jindra Chalupka

    I am very happy with this browser, works great with it and has a comfortable and simple control,I’m cheering forward to a company that seeks to open up more opportunities 🙂

  5. osvaldo weilenmann Avatar

    Hola gente de Maxthom!… No puedo decir que entienda exactamente de que se trata el proyecto pero, en lo que sí entiendo, apoyo totalmente el proyecto y voy a buscar la manera de formar parte de él. Saludos a todo el equipo y felicitaciones por la idea!

    Hello Maxthom people! … I can not say that you understand exactly what the project is about, but, as I understand it, I fully support the project and I will look for ways to be part of it. Greetings to the whole team and congratulations for the idea!

  6. Michael Dickson Avatar
    Michael Dickson

    Take back the internet? I was not aware it had slipped away from me. I seem to be using it at this very moment.

    Oligarchs? Oh, please.

    I do like Maxthon, however.

  7. Raja Aamir Avatar

    I am the old fan of Maxthon Browser since it was launch the very first version (Maxthon v1). I like the all of the features of Maxthon Browser Then i left using the all the other Browser’s. I used and tested all the famous browser’s like , Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Firefox and some of old. But i found the Maxthon’s Browser on top position. Really Superb, Flexible, Fast and Stable browser with lots of ADVANCED Features. So i like and trust all the Features and Services Launched by Maxthon’s Team.

    I want to dig cryptocurrency and blockchain.

  8. Delk Smyle Avatar
    Delk Smyle

    Approved and accepted, you could use Maxthon user credits as the currency start for users!

  9. ISSU Avatar


  10. Claude Goret Avatar
    Claude Goret

    Je suis très intéressé mais il serait bien de l’avoir en Français

  11. Sinpec Avatar

    Will joining this affect the speed of browsing because of high CPU usage? or is it different from other mining methods? I am unsure about this but I have been using Maxthon since 2008 with more than 10,620 hours online. Please explain because I do not want to switch. Thank you

  12. Haneki Avatar

    I’m really happy about this. Gonna try to be involved in this project, I saw it started next Monday, hope I won’t miss it 🙂

  13. Enrique Padron Avatar
    Enrique Padron

    buen dia .Habra una version en español para que sea mas accesible para las personas que no hablamos mucho el ingles? podrias indicarme donde puedo tener mas informacion.Gracias
    AH y ELICITACIONES MAXTON es mi navegador preferido desde que lo descubri

  14. Syamjith Avatar


  15. Ali Avatar

    can not join your telegram channel. it says: “Username @livestokenlvt not found”

  16. Joe D Avatar
    Joe D

    I think you are overlooking a major weakness in the Maxthon browser in regards to the power that the major companies have. Cookies are a powerful too that companies usel to track a users activity on the Internet. But, in Maxthon, we are faced with an all-or-nothing approach to cookie management.

    Please consider adding the ability be more selective, and add a cookie “white list” capability, so we can permit the cookies we want, and block all the others.

  17. Paul Salvador Avatar

    Good luck you guys!.. I still LOVE your Browser!

  18. Edwin0412 Avatar

    Maxthon is a browser that I use daily for years if this is achieved would be interesting and I think it is a great advance, we will wait to see how to extract and how it will evolve

  19. Filippo Avatar

    Nice guys, I’m waiting the 15.01 to start with you

  20. pottsy Avatar

    I must admit your browser is by far the best for streaming sport onto one’s laptop

  21. Konstantin Avatar

    Can you explain?
    -taking back the Internet from the oligarchs.
    You mean Facebook and Google, or what you mean? 🙂

  22. nando Avatar

    ok, estoy de acuerdo

  23. Fred Westhoff Avatar
    Fred Westhoff

    Maxthon is the Best Browser in the world. It’s my browser for, many years now and i am 62 now and I hope that by using the new technology it still will be easy to use.

  24. Fred Westhoff Avatar
    Fred Westhoff

    I am very pleased with Maxthon. I am 62 now and I hope with the new will still be easy to ‘browse’ . For me the best browser ever

  25. Putin A V Avatar
    Putin A V

    It’s good idea.
    So It remains only to understand how can <> help to people(banal users) <>?
    Can you explain it ?

    With respect,

  26. Putin A V Avatar
    Putin A V

    It’s good idea.
    So It remains only to understand how can “”joining the Symbiosism System and helping LivesOne platform issued a new cryptocurrency LivesToken through browser mining”” help to people(banal users) “”take Back The Internet””?
    Can you explain it?

  27. abdullah Avatar

    how i can use my browser to get bitcoin or back internet

  28. Brandon Avatar

    how many processing power will this mining version take up…. i’m really looking forward to this 🙂

  29. Francis Rupert Legge Avatar

    I have read some of this announcement with deep interest. I like the policy idea of recovering the Internet and wish to learn everything about how I can integrate and assist this venture. I have been victimised on several social media and look forward to functioning with freedom as before the Globalists began to take everything into their concept of micromanagement by ‘Global Fascism’…It will be my privilege to participate and serve on most levels of Intelligence and Knowledge because of my belief that all Humanity will benefit and move forward to build a better world — without intrusive and suffocating restraint which dulls the ambition of invention.

  30. Esteban Avatar

    Lo siento pero no entiendo el idioma y no esta facil de cambiarlo
    me gustaria poder tener mas acceso ….

  31. Gennadiy Avatar


  32. Najeeb Avatar

    Thank you for your amazing browser!.
    Just 2 questions:
    Will the user also benefit from earning?
    Do you have any plan to block other mining scripts in other websites?
    Thank you

  33. Mugurache Avatar

    Hi there ! So this LivesToken crypto curency will be like BTC , it can be traded ? can be uset to pay something … Minning this LivesToken it will give us some ?

  34. maxthon user Avatar
    maxthon user

    pakistani ip are blocks for the telegram fix them

  35. Javier Avatar

    Don’t forget that FaceBook is as powerful as Google, if not more. All those companies say that are providing us free services but really they are monetizing and selling to the best buyer every information we can produce with our activity. Free to do what we want without being afraid that someone is selling our soul? Yes, please!

  36. RoShaan Avatar

    Amazing I just can’t wait to start mining with Maxthon!!
    luv you guys <3

  37. Jo Po Avatar
    Jo Po

    They aren’t even hiding it now, chinese embeded miner into their browser.

  38. Kaoi Masteres Avatar
    Kaoi Masteres

    Can somebody translate this in German, please? I don’t understand not so much.

  39. David Avatar

    Hi William I am in the same boat as you. I just joined the telegram and hoping to advance from here.

  40. Sir A. A. Nwafor Avatar

    I left internalize for some month and returned to this good news, sure I will love to a partaker, and I salute you young brains.

  41. Sir A. A. Nwafor Avatar

    I mean I left the Internate for some months, and returned with the LVT as a welcome news. I definitely will love to join

  42. kevin Avatar

    screw your blockchain
    Im sticking old school style.

  43. MBlados Avatar

    Hi, is the ICO over yet? im willing to get some tokens. Im a Maxthon user since MX2.
    Where to participate in the ICO?


  44. Victor Avatar

    Go! +

  45. Victor Avatar

    Es mi navegador por eleccion, por eso estoy con ustedes

  46. Angeru-San Avatar

    I would love to be one of the first to experience the Mining version of Maxthon, and I’m loving the dedication to stick it to the “Man” and taking back the internet for the people.
    I’m even going to create my first Telegram account just for this reason, haha.

  47. alegna Avatar

    solo italiano

  48. Rhalp Avatar

    LVT ICO is coming ^_^

  49. Amiga1000 Avatar

    Hi best friends!
    Its Monday (1.15), and how can I reserve Maxthon mining edition browser?

  50. inzik Avatar

    Maxthon is just like you, because we’re also in a way of learning new technology. As an old-brand browser, we’re happy to be at the frontier of this revolution!
    Let’s stand together!

  51. David Avatar

    Great browser. Thanks maxthon

  52. Prof Johnson Kayode ADEWUMI Avatar

    Very satisfactory with the browser. very active, respond for action quickly and i recommend it to other internet users. Prof. JK Adewumi (Dean, College of Engineering, Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta. Nigeria.

  53. jeremy gower Avatar

    please help us the people ,we the people need awakening as i see we need it
    its like the dark ages ,,thank you

    1. jeremy gower Avatar

      please send me a link to mine cause it is in front of us and if i had a little bit more capital as i wrote a plan with the SBA i feel i would do more with the form of bit coin then a Grant i would have to write or spend ,my whole life learning something thats gone to the first serve …i to am a late bloomer with computers
      but i already wrote a business and really want the right person to hear about my ideas which i bet theirs alot of people just like me ,with a million dollar inventions money ,business and i can feel its gonna go by fast please help me ,,,ive talked to a business addvisor and i need too talk to many more were i dont feel like my great ideas will be stolen thoughts ,i think i need a patten ,copy writing lol please send me anything a wallet that is safe with the top ten bitcoin company in bit banking investing ,,,,apps anything were i can gain alot ,,,so i can start my plan and spend it all in hiring help ,employees ….
      thank you

  54. jeremy gower Avatar

    oh and lets get back the real freedom of what comes to us and not this only opption media web from main stream right wingers …..

  55. Jolia Avatar

    blockchain is amazing
    thanks ^_^

  56. Putin A V Avatar
    Putin A V


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  58. Radek Avatar

    ❗—>>> <<<—❗ take ur chance 🙂

  59. Mac Avatar

    I am glad that you guys have decided to be a part of this revolution. I also want to be a part so lets get this and see how far we can push this agenda. Its a good move for an old and stable browser firm. I hope I am not too late…hehehe

  60. daking23 Avatar

    as will asgood

  61. Tego Avatar

    Is it still possible to obtain the mining edition browser?

  62. Md.jewel Avatar

    All rigest resive may web

  63. Fahad Bin Khalifa Avatar

    I love Maxthon and all good feature

  64. Alex Avatar

    First steps to start mining LVT

    Create a LivesOne account. You can use the invitation registration code below.

    Download the browser:

    New Android Browser 🙂

    To start mining on the android, go to

    Desktop Browser

    Download Mining Go extension

    Help Center

    FAQ About LivesToken, LVT Mining, LivesOne Account and Wallet

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  66. sam Avatar

    What is the currency Mining with this browser ? xmr ?

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  70. Dsong Avatar

    Maxthon is my browser of choice and is best thanks you <3

  71. Dhrub Singh Negi Avatar
    Dhrub Singh Negi

    Masthon browser is given the very easy and available facilities on line.

  72. Kendrajal Avatar

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  73. Sagir kasim Avatar
    Sagir kasim


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  75. Terrarium Avatar

    It’s one of the best browser i am using now.

  76. Cliff Young Avatar
    Cliff Young

    Anything that can help stop the swamping of our screens by the globe grabbing Amazon, Goole ,etc , has got my vote

  77. adja Avatar

    it’s amazing

  78. sumanth Avatar

    we are using browser for working our site
    Its awsome and user freilndly

  79. henry Avatar

    hi, can you give me an invite code to register?

    secondly, my phone cant get verification code

  80. Lescofe Avatar

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  81. Tara Connor Avatar
    Tara Connor

    Maxthon,I went thru so many browsers,I don’t really care if you send all our data to China(just kidding) cause i cannot get any of the touted browsers to enable java or javascript(yes i tried java toggle/on/off, it does not work) and all the browsers are dumping java (which i need for at least a couple sites) and firefox cannot even enable javascript as it tells you.All the major browsers are crap,Waterfox updated and dumped all my data and info!!! now,waterfox is worthless!!!—lets face it,computer software companies are screwing over the public!!If most of we users could now live WITHOUT COMPUTERS, A LOT OF US WOULD.

  82. vinyagamurthy j Avatar

    my computer is not you tube function at maxthon browser

  83. Samir Avatar

    I love this browser thanks for good support .

  84. ahmad sahil Avatar

    but it slowly open the sites

  85. SatyendraP Avatar

    We are so caught up in the 2 bigger advertising companies i.e. Google and Facebook. I guess they follow us everywhere. We are seeing what they want us to see. Hopefully Maxthon will help get rid of these 2 following us in its browser.

  86. nod32 Avatar

    Thank you so much for your favorite site. I am looking for it every day.

  87. Adamzy Avatar

    Good move. i love this browser keep it up.

  88. nexvan Avatar

    Maxthon is my browser of choice.

  89. Yuvraj kore Avatar

    Maxthon is deserving huge love, one of the best browser.

  90. Jujama Avatar

    Whoa! This is impressive. I leaned back in my chair a bit and was just sitting here pondering everything you said. Really cool.

  91. Nazmul Avatar

    I love so much Maxthon like as my L0ver. Maxthon is great and privately.

  92. Youmobile Avatar

    Maxthon is doing a great job. Love you guys. I really like your browser. It’s really cool and super fast with awesome themes.

  93. apkBazaar Avatar

    Brand new browser. I just love this.

  94. Shahriar Hossain Avatar

    What a great article!. I am bookmarking it to read it again. It seems like a very interesting topic to write about. Your posts is really helpful for me.Thanks for your wonderful post.

  95. Angello6369419 Avatar

    I’m already going a little bit, you’re going in the right direction like Blockchain, bitcoin is for sure the entire envelope of this eg ccminer and other cryptocurrency programs
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  96. ukmovnow Avatar

    thank you very much for sharing great post here.

  97. Nafis Avatar

    Maxthon very safe. tnx

  98. Dave Avatar

    how can i join? been using maxthon for 5 years now.

  99. chase Avatar

    Ccan I get the maxton version? If you have any beta app.

  100. motaz Avatar

    Thats a wonderful browser from Maxthon , will use it definitely

  101. Epson Technical Support Canada Avatar

    Maxthon browser is good enough. It is secure and I really rust this site. the persons interested in blockchains and cryptocurrency can use this browser.

  102. voot Avatar

    Thank you very much for sharing amazing tips here

  103. Pawan Sharma Avatar
    Pawan Sharma

    Thank you and very good.

  104. Ayla Avatar

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    1. PrepaidCardStatus Avatar

      Thats well said sir

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    james k muyangana

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  107. Saimalli Avatar

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  108. Maryann Avatar

    I Like Maxthon but not sure how to use Maxthon on handphone , will like to try

  109. Google Play Store Avatar

    It is really a good decision. It is the best browser. To get it back is the good step and it will also increase its customers.

  110. Joseph Avatar

    Maxton jest faktycznie dobrą – jest najlepszą przeglądarką z jaką mam do czynienia. Maxthon3 ma jednak lepsze pobieranie (szybsze) niż Maxthon5. Nie wiem dlaczego tak jest, ale jest to problematyczne. Korzystam dlatego z wersji Maxthon3. IP Polski jest blokowane na wielu stronach. Może pomyśleć, by Maxthon mógł to ominąć, jak program Kaspersky, który nadaje IP z innych, wybranych krajów.
    W ogóle wielkie dzięki za Maxthon`a.
    Joseph aus Polen

  111. Pal-HU Avatar

    Cannot open an account for minning.
    Cannot fill in the registration form,
    because cannot move the images.
    NO MOVE! Nor under Win 7, nor under Win X.
    Either version of MX5.

  112. Mobdro Avatar

    Amazing… Thanks for sharing such an amazing information…! I am looking forward to read some more amazing stuffs from you!

  113. bravidvalour Avatar

    browser cryptocurrency mining is a breathtaking step into a promising new world of browser related social network interaction and cyber commerce…the next frontier

  114. Johnnie Mills Avatar
    Johnnie Mills

    I sure hope that this browser is as fast as it has slaped my hand for messing up already. I an totally tired of those damn snail speed browsers.

  115. max burn Avatar
    max burn

    my anus is o scatchy right now. thoughts?

    1. max burn Avatar
      max burn

      try soking in tobasco works great!

  116. Arkar Avatar

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  117. tomi Avatar

    “The account of the user that created this channel has been inactive for the last 5 months. If the account of the creator remains inactive in the next 30 days, it will self-destruct and the channel will lose its creator.”
    why this telegram group abandoned??

  118. HEZARPA Avatar

    Maxthon Browser is very good

  119. HEZARPA Avatar

    Thank you for this post !

  120. magiskmanager Avatar

    Maxthon is one of the underrated browser apps that I would like to use whenever I would like to browse any photos and information.

  121. Romanesku Avatar

    Will Maxthon support Chrome extensions?
    It’s very major thing for most of users, because Chrome have a tons of extensions.
    Even Firefox does not have most of this extensions.
    So, we need to know, is it possible in future.

  122. Tom Ace Die Avatar
    Tom Ace Die

    ¿porqué solo tienen para usuários de idioma ingles y chino?
    ¿porque razon Maxthon no tiene idioma español??

  123. Superb Answer Avatar

    Maxthon is my browser. is the best browser I ever seen osm achievement

  124. david Avatar

    This post is very helpful. keep sharing such information.

  125. Jack Patterson Avatar
    Jack Patterson

    More and more full-featured browsers were developed

  126. full indir Avatar

    My favorite browser is maxthon. Because it is fast, simple and simple. Would definitely recommend.

  127. بلاگ Avatar

    Hello dear director of the site and my colleagues
    Congratulations on your useful and useful content
    thank you

  128. Romanesku Avatar

    Best browser ever! Thanks!

  129. Amin Khattak Avatar
    Amin Khattak

    I am user of “Maxthon” and “Bitcomet” from 2007, all I love your speed, plug’ins and security.

    I tried many time to login in Maxthon blockchain, but puzzle made me fail as it could not be dragged.
    I tried to explore by watching videos, googling it, nothing worked for me.
    Consider me as “I am in”.


    1. Amin Khattak Avatar
      Amin Khattak

      Finally Logged in LivesOne by downloading the latest mx5.2.4.3000.

  130. wagh Avatar

    Yes and Maxthon is my best browser and i am using daily so it is good say take back to the internet.

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  133. Sameer Sharma Avatar

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  134. ANUP Avatar

    Thanks we know, maxthon is far better than any browser.

  135. Toby Avatar

    Parades, fireworks, and barbecues permeate the town which is an exciting time
    all over.

  136. Dheeraj Verma Avatar

    Your browser settings sync across all the devices you use Maxthon on. You can also drag and drop images, links and text from webpages into chat, text and email messages to send to your contacts

  137. Oyun İndir Avatar

    Sometimes there are problems with muscle, on Youtube, will this problem be solved? Thanks..

  138. Avatar

    Thanks we know, maxthon is far better than any browser.

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